Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rotation 6: Talbot

Welcome to the newest "family" in the Paraneighbours bunch, as introduced in my round-up post. Blogger very kindly deleted my completed draft for them so I am once again forced to rewrite everything from scratch. :)

It's been a few weeks since I've actually played this rotation, so I really hope I covered everything! I'll probably throw anything I accidentally left out into their next rotation.

This family features two new vampire sims, but I've played around with the vampire perk system and dark forms in an attempt to create my own supernaturals - a werewolf, and another ghost.

To give my werewolf some more wolf-ish behaviour, I decided to go with garlic immunity (since he's not really supposed to be a vampire), super strength so he can be the biggest strongest wolf, child of the moon so he's more powerful when he 'transforms' at night, and full sunlight immunity because werewolves wouldn't have a sun weakness.

I then went with fitful sleep, and sloppy drinker has his weaknesses. I figure he's a sloppy wolf boy so sloppy drinker is very fitting, and then fitful sleep is just the least annoying (and least vamp-y) weakness I can give him.

For my ghost boy, I wanted him to be very emotional, since ghosts change colour depending on their mood. Isobel was very often stuck on ~inspiration blue~ in my game because she spent so much time writing, so as you can see from the stats in the round up post, I gave Eugene some traits that should help switch up his moods more often.

As for his 'vampire' perks, I tried to stick with a similar theme by giving him the ability to manipulate other sims' emotions, life spirit, and cast hallucinations. He also got mist travel and eternally welcome, so that he can appear out of nowhere whenever and wherever he pleases. Finally I gave him odorless (what kind of ghost needs to bathe?), garlic immunity, and student of the occult to eat up some more power points.

For weaknesses I went with eternal sadness to make him even more emotional, undead aura since he really is undead, withered stomach because ghosts don't need to eat (looking at you, Caleb!!), and then fitful sleep again to eat up his last 2 weakness points.

I set his death type as pufferfish, which means that he keeps a little fishy friend in his chest at all times. :)

Persephone was originally made by Livy, who very generously uploaded her to the gallery for me, where I then took her and made her into a hacker alien-mermaid who wants to rob everything and everyone. Thanks, Livy!

I did at least give her a new name and look, so that she would not be confused with her much nicer alter ego, Oceana Neptune, from Livy's Hot Ladies Association.

The first thing Persephone does is whip out her probe to put these two idiot boys in their place.

I have played them for two rotations at this point, and it very quickly became clear that Scott and Eugene share a brain cell between the two of them, and Persephone decides who gets to use it.

Scott has mixed feelings about Persephone.

Apparently it was Eugene's turn with the brain cell during the first day of the rotation, because Scott somehow managed to shit himself ten minutes into playing despite having no bladder motive.

After taking a shower of shame, Scott tries his hand at some woodworking. I hadn't quite figured out hobbies for him and Eugene yet at this point, so I stuck a couple things around the apartment to see what they'd pick up themselves.

Persephone, on the other hand, I had actual plans for. I gave her a job in the criminal career track, and my plan is to have her focus on building her programming and handiness skills.

I also built a fancy bank for my game using the new vaults from Get Famous, so when Persephone has maxed out her skills, she can attempt to break into said vaults and steal some fortunes. I have already tested my community lot vaults, and I am pleased to report that they work, so if all goes well, Persephone will be pulling off a sweet heist in a future update. ;)

It does not take long for her to be interrupted by noisy bitch Jeff Winchester, having a noisy bone session with his equally noisy husband.

Persephone deals with the situation by pulling out her probe once again, and Jeff pleads with her to put it away, for the love of Boolprop.

Doesn't Persephone know that Jeff has had some very traumatic experiences with a probe? How rude! How inconsiderate!

Jeff, of course, is always a very polite and considerate neighbour, which he demonstrates by inviting himself into their apartment, and making himself a bowl of popcorn.

He also introduces himself to Scott, who I realize looks very similar to Jeff in this particular picture.

I'm not very good at making dudes.

Jeff eventually left, and I sent Scott out to Brindleton Bay to do some fishing. There he ran into the other half of the noisy bitch couple, Alec Winchester.

I guess Alec didn't know what to do after their bone session got interrupted by Persephone, so he attempted to go fishing. He's looking at his fishing rod like "what the fuck am I doing."

Also this lil cat just came up and started playing with the fish pile? It was extremely cute. I bet this cat caught more fish than Alec did.

Scott manages to catch a few fish himself, then rummages around in a few trash cans before heading back home.

I bet he'd get along well with Liv.

Back at home, Scott is greeted by two little friends.

This time around I was very careful to decorate the apartment so that all of the 'problem' spawn points were accessible, and they could fix the problems without me having to move the furniture around every time.

Night time rolls around, and to mimic the werewolf transformations that I'm used to in TS2, I've decided to have Scott turn into his dark form every night around 7pm, and then change back in the morning around 7am.

Jeff invites Scott out to a 'crazy party' that's happening at the Bluffs, and Eugene gets dragged along.

For some reason the DJ wasn't actually playing anything, and there wasn't any actual dancing? So Scott rummaged through some trash, Jeff got himself a drink, and then made a beeline for his husband and best bro.

I like that everyone else dressed up for the party, meanwhile Jeff just rolled up in a sweater and sneakers.

My sister, who likes to wander in while I'm playing and comment on what's happening, pointed out that sims can actually dance around the bonfire, so I sent Scott and Eugene to get some partying started.

Persephone returned from her shift at work at this point, but she was much too tried to party with them, so she just took a nap in a nearby bush.

I wish I could just take a nap in a bush at parties and look that good doing it. 

The bonfire dancing attracted the rest of the Paraneighbours, and it started to look a little more like a party.

Jeff looks far too delighted with his fire stick. I don't even think he was trying to cook anything, I think he just set a stick on fire for fun. 

Then Jade Rosa stood a little too close to Alec I guess, and Jeff stopped playing with his fire stick to glare her down.

I decided to send Scott and Eugene home at this point, partly to avoid Jeff starting fights with other partygoers (he is hotheaded, after all), and partly because I was starting to feel bad for Persephone, who was still napping in a bush.

Scott does a little woodworking in the morning, and manages to hit himself in the head with one of his tools? Meanwhile, Scott talks to the plant in the corner.

Not sure which one of them has the braincell at this point. Persephone might have just stolen it entirely.

 Next, Scott introduces himself to neighbour Lacie, who's determined to be just as noisy as Jeff and Alec.

He shows up in his wolf form, which seems to intimidate Lacie just enough to get an apology out of her.

Despite Lacie turning down her music, Eugene continues to storm (well, float) around in a bad mood. He plops himself down at the keyboard I gave them, where he starts to play some terrible music of his own that consisted of bad electronic cat & dog noises?

I might have to confiscate their keyboard; it was awful.

Persephone may be the smartest of these three idiots, but that does not stop her from burning their only stove a few days into the rotation, with no money to pay for a replacement.

Looks like she'll be living off Jeff's leftover popcorn until one of them earns enough to pay for a new one.

Also, I have no idea who that random townie is, or how he got into their apartment, but I do remember that he just sat down next to her at the table and pulled out a cupcake??

Rando townie leaves, and Scott 'helps' by playing in the pile of rubble. Thank you, Scott.

Since they're in need of more money, I finally settled on a career for Scott. I thought it might be fun to have Eugene and Persephone do the different branches of the criminal career, and then have simple, good boy Scott be their clueless cop roommate.

I've played through a little of it with Lilith, but now that I've moved her to a different career it might be nice to play through the rest of it (and see if EA's fixed it at all, which I doubt.)

His first day on the job goes well, although I forgot how fucking slow it is the getting criminals out of the cells to fingerprint and search them.

His second day goes even smoother; when I played it with Lilith I remember having to make her start a fight with a civilian to write up a citation for it, which is hilariously corrupt, but not something I wanted good boy Scott to resort to.

Luckily, Thorne Bailey is a huge asshole, so Scott didn't have to stoop to that level.

Scott even gets actual suspects - multiple suspects - to arrest when he puts out an APB??

It was all very promising, until he arrested Clara Bjergsen, and it turned out the culprit was actually this townie, who was not wearing the long-sleeved shirt the description told me she would be wearing.

I think they forgot to factor the newer hot weather outfits into the suspect scenarios. :P

Back at the police station, he takes some new witness statements from Jess Hendrick. She looks like she's telling him how tall the suspect is, which I'm sure is very helpful when all sims are the exact same height.

He also runs into my bachelorette, Regan, and I'm pretty stoked to see the game randomly assigned her to the detective career.

It's a little ironic, considering my backstory for her was that she was a black widow with four mysteriously missing partners, but hey; maybe this is how she's been evading capture. ;)

At the end of his first two days Scott makes enough to replace their old stove, so Persephone can finally stop living off popcorn and microwave meals.

Persephone's not super close with Scott, but she does sit down to play some games with him when he gets back from work.

She spends a lot of time hidden away in her room, which I've locked to keep idiots 1 and 2 off her computer. However, I did not factor Eugene actually being able to float in through her door anyways, so sometimes he pops in there to have a little chat with her.

Eugene and Scott, on the other hand, having been bonding quite a bit, usually by showing off their various powers. Scott particularly seems to enjoy when Eugene uses his ghostly powers to pass through him.

That's pretty gay, guys.

They also like to do this thing where if one of the is sitting at the keyboard or computer, the other will sit down at whatever's free to chat.

I think they're into each other.

Jeff seems to agree, because he sends Scott an invite to join the gay agenda while he's at work one day.

I did not have Scott join, mostly because they're low on room in the club, and I've been thinking of turning it into a group just for Jeff and Andy's respective families, to make it easier for them to have family playdates.

I tried to have Scott initiate a little flirting, but Eugene did not take it well. I think the only couples I've had that didn't turn down any flirts are Jeff/Alec and Liv/Zoe, actually.

Now, I've learned a little from playing unflirty Felix, and several other stubborn couples, so I decided to try getting them into a flirty mood before tanking their relationship with any more unreciprocated flirts.

A little romantic movie quickly put them in the right mood, and Eugene even rolled up this nice whim for Scott.

They exchanged a few successful flirts...

...And then Scott managed to get sick somehow, so I had them leave things off there.

I like that the rash that comes with this particular illness makes him look like a tiger-striped werewolf.

I haven't decided who to pair Persephone up with yet - I've got a couple cute aliens of either gender that I could set her up with, or I could go a different route and just let her romance her way around the town.

Either way, my main focus is still to pull off a bank heist with her, so for now she's just been quietly working on her skills in the background.

Since she and Eugene have the same shift times, I've been using that period to send Scott out to fish and find collectibles, so that I'm not sending him out and ignoring them while they're actually at home. 

Towards the end of the rotation I had Scott adopt a dog, since he has the dog-lover trait. His name is Mars, and he's an adventurous, independent hunter.

The adventurous trait allows him to go out on adventures with Scott, which gives them a nice little activity to do when I want to focus on Eugene or Persephone for a bit.

One of the first things Mars did was eat this pile of trash, which means he is the perfect companion for sloppy wolf boy Scott. 

Speaking of Scott and being sloppy, one thing I've noticed is that if you have laundry day, sloppy sims will leave a pile of clothing behind whenever they change into some new clothes.

It's nice that it adds some more personality to certain traits, but man it gets annoying real fast.

Neighbourhood brawl fell on the last day of their rotation, which was probably the most fitting random holiday for this gang.

She picked a fight with Jeff and won, which is surprising considering Jeff has a fully maxed out body skill, and Persephone has yet to do a single bit of exercising.

She also wins a fight against Eugene, which is less surprising considering that he got beat up by a little old lady at his job a few days ago.

Cole and Felix do not join in on the action outside in the hall, but they do get up to a little ~action~ of their own inside the apartment.

I ignored Cole and Felix, and sent Persephone off to fight some random townies around the Spice Market instead.

She won all of her fights, and when she ran out of sims to challenge I had her rummage around some bins for snow globes and posters. I've yet to collect all of the City Living collectibles, so I thought it might be a nice side goal for Persephone, who's not afraid of a little thievery.

Jeff stopped by the apartment later, and beat up Eugene and Persephone. I guess he was a little salty about losing his first fight earlier.

I like to think that he spent the afternoon training at the gym (with Alec pumping him up from the sidelines) before he showed up to  put these two back in their place.

And what did Scott do during all of this, you may wonder?

He managed to shit himself fucking again, and then left his shitty laundry pile out for Mars to lick.

Bad Mars. Bad Scott. It's only been one week, and Scott's already managed to usurp Caleb as the biggest dumbass in San Myshuno.

What a way to end off the rotation. :P

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