Sunday, April 7, 2019

Rotation 6 Round-up

I've made a few changes to my Paraneighbours this past rotation, so I thought it might be nice to make a little recap/round-up post to introduce my newest sims, household, and review everyone's current aspiration and traits.

Minor spoilers for the next generation; I took all their portraits as kids so that I could provide both an aspiration, and one permanent/non-toddler trait. There will also be some new babies in rotation 6, and so I've left them off so they'll be a surprise. :)

Winchester Household

Alec Winchester

Aspiration: Food - Master Chef

Base Traits: Self Assured, Foodie, Loner
Bonus Traits: Speed Reader, Stove and Grills Master,
 Spice Hound, Quick Learner

Career: Chef (L9)

Jeffery (Jeff) Winchester

Aspiration: Family - Successful Lineage  
(Completed: Athletic - Bodybuilder)
Base Traits: Active, Hotheaded, Bro 
Bonus Traits: Long-lived, Gym Rat, Shameless, 
Spice Hound, High Metabolism, Domestic

Career: Bodybuilder (L9)

Polly Winchester

Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp

Base Traits: Active
Bonus Traits: Happy Toddler

Club: Scouts

Cas Winchester

Aspiration: Whiz Kid

Base Traits: Geek
Bonus Traits: Happy Toddler

Club: Scouts


Traits: Active, Loyal, Friendly

Olsen Household

Andromeda (Andy) Olsen 

Aspiration: Location - City Native

Base Traits: Geek, Cheerful, Genius
Bonus Traits: Storm Chaser, Shameless, Chopstick Savvy
Spice Hound, Home Turf

Career: Scientist (L10)

Miko Olsen

Aspiration: Family - Super Parent
(Completed: Romance - Soulmate)

Base Traits: Geek, Neat, Good
Bonus Traits: Spice Hound, Incredibly Friendly, Kindness Ambassador, 
Companion, Chopstick Savvy, Domestic, Alluring

Career: Charity Organizer (L10)

Luna Olsen

Aspiration: Whiz Kid

Base Traits: Cat Lover
Bonus Traits: Top-Notch Toddler

Ariel Olsen

Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy

Base Traits: Creative
Bonus Traits: Happy Toddler

Club: Drama


Traits: Free Spirit, Talkative, Prowler

DiCarlo Household

Carlotta DiCarlo

Aspiration: Fortune - Fabulously Wealthy
(Completed: Knowledge - Master Vampire)

Base Traits: Self-Absorbed, Snob, Evil
Bonus Traits: Spice Hound, Great Kisser, True Master, Night Owl,
Connections, Storm Chaser, Quick Learner, Business Savvy

Career: Food Critic (L9)

Lilith Vatore

Aspiration: Location - City Native

Base Traits: Outgoing, Active, Creative,
Bonus Traits: Spice Hound, Home Turf

Career: Athlete (L3)

Jasper Baudelaire

Aspiration: Social Butterfly

Base Traits: Hotheaded
Bonus Traits: Happy Toddler

Mortis Household

Liv Mortis
Aspiration: Nature - Freelance Botanist

Base Traits: Love Outdoors, Outgoing, Glutton
Bonus Traits: Chopstick Savvy, Collector
Career: Floral Designer (L7)

Zoe Patel

Aspiration: Popularity - Friend of the World

Base Traits: Clumsy, Cheerful, Goofball
Bonus Traits: Spice Hound, Gregarious

Career: Entertainer (L4)

Rudolf Household

Cole Mortis
Aspiration: Food - Grilled Cheese

Base Traits: Vegetarian, Clumsy, Romantic
Bonus Traits: Essence of Flavour

Career: Artist /Master of the Real (L7)

Felix Rudolf

Aspiration: Popularity - Good Vampire

Base Traits: Unflirty, Gloomy, Perfectionist
Bonus Traits: Gregarious, Spice Hound

Career: Doctor (L6)

Talbot Household

Scott Talbot
Aspiration: Nature - Outdoor Enthusiast 

Base Traits: Slob, Dog Lover, Loves Outdoors
Bonus Traits: Regained Humanity, Collector

Career: Detective

Persephone Irving
Aspiration: Knowledge - Computer Whiz

Base Traits: Ambitious, Kleptomaniac, Genius
Bonus Traits: Tormentor, Quick Learner

Career: Criminal

Eugene Sullivan
Aspiration: Knowledge - Renaissance Sim

Base Traits: Erratic, Jealous, Hotheaded
Bonus Traits: Uncontrolled Emotions, Mastermind, 
Death by Pufferfish, Quick Learner

Career: Criminal

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