Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 1: Baudelaire

Isobel is the last household in this rotation. 

I had her move into Jeff’s old apartment (17 Culpepper House), and switched her lot traits to historical, registered vampirelair, and great acoustics.   

Isobel’s aspiration is Creativity, and her goal is to become a bestselling author. Her bonus trait is muser, and her regular traits are bookworm, creative, and music lover.

Alec and Jeff are starting to rival the Rasoyas in the amount of noise coming from their apartment. I don’t know if Andy, Miko, and Carlotta are just quieter, or if I just don’t catch them making noise as often.

Either way, he immediately upsets Isobel, so it looks like he’s off to a rocky start with both the vampires. He does apologize at least, so I guess he’s just politer than Jeff is.

Isobel takes a bubble bath to calm down, and I gave her some fancy fire hazard floor candles to set the mood.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I should do with Isobel to keep her interesting, until I read about the ghost pets on Deadgrass Isle, and immediately decided Isobel needed to adopt pet or three.

Her first night of ghost hunting was a small success - I found some cats, but I wasn’t able to get a high enough score either of them for Isobel take them home just yet.

I think I’m going to have her adopt this fat one. It’s named something stupid like Sprinkles, but I’ll have her give it a fancier name once it’s in her household.

Isobel doesn’t have immunity to sunlight like Carlotta or Lilith, so when she has free time during the day I’m going to have her work on the pipe organ skill.

She’ll also be working on writing, since she’s working towards becoming a bestselling author, and topping that career track.

One thing I did not forsee was how fucking heartbreaking it’d be watching a bunch of sad ghost pets wandering around an empty island.

Initially I had my sights set on that fat cat, but I couldn’t find her the second night Isobel went back, and this dog just looked so sad that I had to try for it, too.

The dog was a lot easier to befriend than the cat, mostly because it didn’t keeping trying to run off or jump on things.

I was able to ask her to move in after Isobel reached good friends, if anyone’s curious what level of friendship you need for the option to pop up.

Isobel made it home with her new dog just before the sun came up, and I gave it a new name and collar in CAS.

Can’t remember what she was called before (something dumb, probably), but her new name is Lacey.

Sent Isobel back to Deadgrass Isle for a third night to collect that fat cat. Thankfully she was able to get a high enough relationship score to adopt it this time, which means I can stop visiting and making myself sad. 

No puddle drinking this time, but the cat did make a beeline for it as soon as the lot loaded. I renamed her Olympia, and gave her a little bow collar to match Lacey.

She has the mischievous trait, which explains the face she’s making here.

Since I set Carlotta up with Lilith I wanted to set Isobel up with the other Vatore sibling, but Caleb kept rejecting her out of the blue after reciprocating a few flirts.

I should probably add that is wasn’t just Caleb not being interested; he’d ask her to hang out, and then he’d show up in a pissy mood and stop around the apartment. Sims don’t take well to flirting when they’re mad, apparently.

Now, Isobel is at the highest vampire rank, since I downloaded a premade ghost vampire sim off the gallery to use as a base for making her. I can’t remember how high Caleb is, but I guessed Isobel could probably take him in a spar, and I decided to have her put that dick in his place.

Miko was outside to spectate the duel, and seemed pretty awed by the whole thing. I like that ts4 sims have a reasonable reaction to watching two vampires go at it; I got tired of the cheering and/or cringing reactions to fights in 2.

The spar worked temporarily - he reciprocated a couple more of her flirts, and then as always, he started rejecting all of her advances.

In a last-ditch effort to get this pairing to work, I sent her off to the Vatore house, and had her create a flirty aura with her vampire powers.

This put Caleb in a good enough mood to actually accept all her advances, and I got them to share their first kiss.

I ended off the rotation by having Caleb move in with Isobel, because I just haven’t found her as interesting to play as the other households so far, and I’m hoping a second sim will make it slightly more interesting.

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