Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 1: DiCarlo

It’s Carlotta’s turn, and the trend of me only being able to furnish the main room continues.

I’d initially moved Carlotta and Isobel into a very old-fashioned and fancy house in Forgotten Hollow, but I like the idea of her being a stylish, modern city vamp a lot better. Isobel is going to get her own apartment (and rotation), hence, my sudden need to relocate Jeff.

Her lot traits are TLC, registered vampire lair, and mean vibe, which later got switched to romantic aura.

Carlotta had some of the plants from Forgotten Hollow tucked away in her inventory, so I was also able to turn her balcony into a small garden so she could grow them for vampire things.

I did actually consider moving Alec and Jeff into this apartment, and then giving theirs to Carlotta or Isobel, but I decided against it. It would have been nice to have some outdoor space for Rocket, but I didn’t want to have to design them an entirely new apartment.

 I had her join the Social Media career track back when she was in Forgotten Hollow, because I figured a work-at-home job would be easier on a new vampire without any abilities.

Carlotta, like Alec, has the Knowledge aspiration, but her goal is to become a Master Vampire. She also has the quick learner bonus trait, and kleptomaniac, evil, and snob as her regular traits.

She got off to an immediate bad start with Alec, because I had her mock his outfit. Miko mostly just stood and watched, but Carlotta did get a negative moodlet from her because of Miko’s good trait.

I’ve never actively made a sim be ‘mean’ before, even in all my years of playing 2, so I thought I’d try something new and only have Carlotta pick mean or mischievous actions for any non-vampire sims. 

The Hijinks festival was right at the beginning of her rotation, so I had her join the mischief side to get that voodoo doll early. She spent most of the evening harassing one townie; I didn’t really take a lot of pictures.

She did manage win the voodoo doll, though.

I tried to have her do some voodoo on Alec, but it wasn’t working, so she decided to just suck his blood instead.

I love that it looks like she just got done kicking his ass in this picture. It’s a good thing Alec has Jeff, because he needs some serious training before he starts taking down vampires.

Despite Carlotta being a bitch to all the other residents, they love hanging out in her apartment after she’s done harassing them, or using them for a quick drink.

On one hand it’s terrible game design: neighbours shouldn’t be happily chilling out in your apartment if there’s a mutual hatred between them and our sim, but on the other… it’s kind of a power move?
She drains their plasma, they drain her tablet’s battery.
I sent Carlotta off to Forgotten Hollow to spar some vampires and/or make some actual friends, since she clearly was not going to be able do either in the apartment.


Now, initially my plan was to set Carlotta up with Isobel, but then she ran into Lilith Vatore and I immediately decided Lilith needed be her girlfriend instead. She’s far too cute to get relegated to npc status.

Also, she was the same vampire that attacked Jeff earlier, and while he’s not Alec, I feel like Carlotta would still appreciate that all the same.

I gave Lilith a quick makeover, and then got her to move in after a little bit of flirting. I would have held off a bit longer, but I had the sudden urge to have Lilith join the detective career.

I blame the leather jacket; it was giving me Rosa Diaz vibes.

So far the TLC is mostly minor annoyances, and I kinda like that it gives you some extra challenges, but it’s really fucking annoying having to move the whole damn fire place every time roaches appear.

At this point in my gameplay I got vintage glamour, courtesy of the wonderful @littleredwritingthings from Tumblr, and I went to town on Carlotta’s apartment. She had a secret stash of all her old Forgotten Hollow furniture in her household inventory, so I sold most of it to cover the cost of all the new furniture.

Her apartment is technically the shittiest once you factor in the TLC trait, and I like to think that’s it’s very in character for her to attempt to cover that up by decking the place out with a bunch of glam furniture.

I know vampires can’t actually see their reflections, but this vintage glamour vanity is just so Carlotta. Love that there’s actually a cycle of make-up animations for it! <3

I had to wait a few days for Lilith to start her police job because I did some jumping between the other residents to get them to certain festivals, and them into work when they were on the brink of a promotion, etc.

I’m glad she has the super speed trait, because wasting part of your sim’s work day just getting them to their different stations/tasks is really fucking annoying.

As for Carlotta, I ended up switching her to the critic career, because I stupidly picked the PR branch of social media and it was kinda boring.

I think critic fits her snob trait better, anyways.

She’s worked her way up far enough in the vampire rankings to have full sun light immunity, and it’s a good thing because the critic career has already sent her out more than her PR job did.

The game also sent me about 4 extra npcs than I needed to fulfill her task of talking to a vendor.

The rotation wraps up with Carlotta publishing her first book, Fuck You Alec Winchester. Sadly, I did not realize that self-publishing would get rid of the physical book, I was kinda hoping she could keep that. 

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