Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 1: Olsen

Next house in the rotation is Andromeda Olsen, Miko Ojo, and their pet raccoon “Kitty”. I’ve actually played these two before in a different neighbourhood, and thought it would be fun if I moved them over to my Paraneighbours save so they’d have some actual neighbours to interact with.

Andromeda and Miko moved in 20 Culpepper House (the same apartment as the one I gave them on their old save).

Their lot traits are sunny aspect, great acoustics, and fast internet.

Since I’ve played them a little in another neighbourhood, I’m going to include some pictures from their old save in this update.

Andromeda has the City Native Aspiration, with home turf as her bonus trait, and geek, cheerful, and genius as her regular traits. She got to the third tier of her aspiration before I moved them to this save, and now I just need to get their apartment to 100k before I can complete it.

Miko Ojo is a premade, and Andromeda’s girlfriend. Her initial aspiration was Love, and I switched her from Serial Romantic to the Soulmate branch since she was in a committed relationship. She completed that aspiration before I moved them to the new save, and her new aspiration is Popularity, in the Friend of the World branch.

Her traits are still geek, good, and neat, and she has two bonus traits from her previous aspirations - alluring, and companion.

The first thing they did when I moved them into their new apartment was set the kitchen on fire. Thankfully, sims seem a lot more competent about fires in 4 (so far, anyways) and I was actually able to get Miko to put put the fire pretty quickly.

I had Andromeda propose to Miko back in their old save, in the same area as Jeff and Alec had their first kiss, because I like those pink (cherry blossom?) trees.

I then had the two of them get married at the romance festival because it was a free, convenient location for them to have a wedding, and it made for some cute pictures.

Normally my TS2 sims just get married in their living room (with a staged wedding if I want to take pictures), so I’m really happy about having a nice, low-effort place for my sims to have weddings. Needing to wait for the romance festival to come around is actually a bonus, because I’d just have all my sims get married way too quickly otherwise.

I let Miko stay in the political career track, and chose the charity route for her, since she has the good trait.

I quickly discovered a really good way to finish the political mural task is to coerce your spouse and one random sim to help, because doing it alone takes fucking forever.

Haven’t seen all the murals yet but I’m glad this is one of the political ones, because every time Andy and Miko paint it, it looks like they’re spreading gay propaganda around the city. I can get behind that.

Andy is in the scientist career track, and the only progress I lost when I moved her over to the save was the rocket she finished building. Luckily, I was able to coerce her coworkers into helping rebuild it, and now she can start working on all the fancy upgrades.

I think she’s either at level 9 or 10 of career (again, not super familiar with the careers in 4), but either way she’s far enough ahead that she can spend most of her work day dicking around with the rocket and not get fired.

And now the girls are caught up to where they are in the new neighbourhood. They did actually get the welcome wagon when they moved in, which mostly consisted of Jeff and Alec.

I’d like to note that I checked the boys to see if they had any reaction to Andy being an alien after, and Jeff actually had a positive moodlet for it. I figured he was bound to get angry since he had the hot-headed trait, but apparently he’s a lot more rational than most of the npcs.

Guess his mindset was a little more along the lines of “woah, outer space bro!”

Both Andy and Miko managed to get abducted, adding to the crazy high amount of paranormal activity (haha) I’ve been having with these sims so far. (Although, Andy’s was actually before I moved saves, and I missed getting a picture of Miko’s.)

I’m kind of surprised you can just get randomly abducted in 4? I assumed you’d have to actively do something to give your sim a chance of being abducted. I don’t know if telescope abductions are still a thing, or how alien pregnancy works in this game.

I’m hoping I have some way to vaguely control the latter; there is one sim I’d like to have an alien baby, and I’m going to be annoyed if I can’t control that or increase those chances at all.

Some homophobe vandalized Miko & Andy’s gay propaganda, so I had Andy fix it up again.

Also, how great would it be if you could add in your own custom murals, sort of like how you could add custom paintings to the easel in ts2? Maybe there’s a way to do that, and if so someone should let me know, because I want to draw my own awful ‘political’ murals. I need some supernatural propaganda, for reasons.

I loaded up my game to find this cutting board of food in front of Kitty, and I was like ‘oh haha it looks like he’s making food’ and then I unpaused the game and he started to fucking eat it.

Honestly, they’ve really nailed the pet ai in this game. Every time one of my sims’ pets does something stupid, all I can think is that my own dumbass cats would do the exact same thing.

As I previously complained about in another post, the Rasoyas were super fucking noisy when I was playing Jeff and Alec, and I was really hoping that having all the tenants be friends would make that easier, but NOPE.

Alec was too much of a lil bitch to face Miko (but he did call her as she was waiting for an answer), and Jeff straight up told her to fuck off.

It’s slightly amusing when your sim is the one giving the “hey, why don’t you pull that stick out of your ass and go get laid yourself” answer, but it’s a lot less hilarious when your sim is on the receiving end of it and you’re actually trying to maintain a good neighbourly relationship.

(I did like that Jeff answered the door in his active wear. That must have been one heated “training sesh”, bro!)

So I was kind of disappointed that 4 didn’t have wedding rings like 2 did… and then I remembered you can add your own rings in CAS.

I gave Andy and Miko some matching heart rings that you probably can’t see very well in the picture, but are very cute, trust me.

The rotation ends with Alec being a noisy bitch YET AGAIN, except this time he actually came out to face Miko.

I’d like to note that in contrast to Jeff, he actually apologized for the noise. I think he might just have a higher relationship with her, but I like to think that it’s because Alec the self-assured vampire hunter is actually a bit of a scaredy-cat.

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