Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 1: Winchester

Alec’s rotation is up next, and here’s a few pictures of his apartment (18 Culpepper House).

Much like Jeff, I ran out of money after the main room was done, and the bed/bathroom just have the bare minimum.

His lot traits are historical, haunted, and cursed. 

My initial plan for Alec was that he was a vampire hunter that owned a restaurant, because serving people and hunting things is the “family business.”

His rotation starts out with him picking up the first vampire tome, and getting a job in the culinary career. I do want him to open his own restaurant at some point, but he’s gonna need way more cash first.

(And, perhaps, a bro-omate to help out with finances…)

In case you can’t read the lil icons in the intro post, aren’t familiar with ts4, or have simply forgotten: Alec’s aspiration is Knowledge (Nerd Brain) with quick learner as his bonus trait, and foodie, self-assured, and loner as his regular traits.

My friend warned me that the haunted trait didn’t seem to affect residential lots much, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got some ghostly activity right off the bat.

I was even more surprised that it was Isobel who showed up, I kinda just assumed it would be some rando ghosts?

He hates having strangers over, but apparently that’s not going to stop him from trying to befriend Jeff.

Jeff obviously wants to become bros, too, because he shows up shirtless at Alec’s apartment every day, without fail. This is exactly the kind of bro shenanigans I was hoping for.

They became very good friends bros very fast, and I want my relationships to progress as naturally as they can, so I’m going to see if I can gently nudge them into flirting on their own without too much interference on my part.

"Bro you have such dainty hands, bro!"

"What moisturizer do you use? Bro come on, you gotta moisturize!"

Using some of the light flirt options (compliment appearance, confess attraction, etc.) I was able to get some romance going between Alec and Jeff.

"Bro, your muscles are so tense, bro! Lemme give you a back rub, it's what bros are for."

I really did mean to wait until their next rotation before jumping into relationships, but they’d already maxed out their friendship bar by this point. Only made sense to let them take it further!

"Bro, what do you so look nervous for, bro? The game's not even on!"

I wanted a more ~scenic~ location for their first kiss, so I sent them off to the karaoke place in the fashion district


It was cute, but tbh I think the first kiss animation was better in ts2. The recipient still looks surprised/shy, but also looks like they’re reciprocating rather than just standing there, taken completely off guard. If that makes sense.

I do like the little hand hold at the end, though.

The cheek kiss animation though? Adorable; definitely wish I had an interaction like that in 2.

Back at home Alec unlocked the garlic seeds, and I gave him an indoor gardening pot so that he could grow some garlic & start making braids to ward off the vampires.

It’s clearly going to be much-needed, based on how quickly Jeff got bitten. I suspect I’ll be even more thankful once I get my vampire girls moved into the building.

Apparently I put up the garlic just in fucking time, because this bitch decided to interrupt Alec and Jeff’s sleepover in an attempt to suck some blood.

Isobel also decided to make an appearance, and was seemingly unaffected by the garlic.

Not sure if it’s just supposed to ward off attacking vampires, or vampires altogether. Maybe being a ghost makes her immune. I guess I’ll find out.

I had Jeff & Rocket move in at the end of Alec’s rotation, because I needed 3 apartments available after a sudden change of plans.

I was kind of sad that I only used Jeff’s apartment for a week, but I am really liking how their shared apartment is turning out so far.

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