Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 1: Spencer

First up in the rotation is Jeff, and his dalmatian Rocket.

In case you can’t make out the tiny lil icons in the intro post (or just aren’t familiar with ts4), Jeffery’s aspiration is Athletic (Bodybuilder) with high metabolism as his bonus trait, and active, hot-headed, and bro as his regular traits.

Jeff’s apartment (17 Culpepper House), as of the start of this rotation. Didn’t take any pictures of the bed/bathroom because I ran out of money and they look like garbage, haha.

I went with bracing breezes, dog hang out, and sunny aspect as his lot traits.


Got Jeff a job in the athletic career right off the bat, because I spent all his money on decorating the apartment, and also I’m pretty sure he needs it to complete his aspiration?

Either way, it’s obviously the most fitting career option for him.

Poor idiot gets bitten on his very first night in the apartment. I’m not sure how rare this event is supposed to be, but both Jeff and the sim I was playing before him got it very early on.

Rocket is a good boi who will sit and protect his master so no more bad ladies eat his neck.

He’s facing the wall instead of the door, but he’s trying his best okay.

Also that is… an extremely unflattering angle for this particular piece of CC.

I gave Jeff’s apartment the dog hangout trait because I thought they would like, spawn outdoors/outside the building, but apparently they actually just spawn outside the apartment door and wander in to take a nap.

Not what I expected, but it’s cute so I guess I can’t complain?

When I don’t have vampires (or dogs) breaking in and fucking up Jeff’s sleep schedule, the fuckers that live across the hall - Rasoya, or something - take it upon themselves to ‘help’. The mom is ALWAYS having sex. (With who, I don’t fucking know, because she lives with her son??)

Luckily she also seems to be terrified of Jeff, because she actually listens when he complains, despite having 0 relationship with him. (I later learned this was not the case with one of my other sims.)

Speaking of neighbours, I switched to Alec for a few hours just to see if I could get him to introduce himself to Jeff, and the whole welcome wagon pounced.

"Hey bro, is it cool if I take off my shirt bro?"

Alec was less than thrilled, and Jeff seized the opportunity to take his shirt off (??)

"Hey bro you look tense, wanna go for a jog bro?"
"Hey bro! How's the mini-bro coming along?"
"Bro! Can you feel those kicks bro? Must be leg day!"

Also, no idea why no one showed up to welcome Jeff to the neighbourhood. I switched back to his household once the introductions were made, and he hung out with this pregnant lady for a bit while Alec ignored both of them.

Despite the lukewarm welcome party, Jeff got an invite from Alec to go to GeekCon.

He got a flirty moodlet from witnessing some ~action~ in the apartments through the giant telescope (good job, bros!), but was called into work before anything or anyone ayyyy could come from it.

The game sent me back to the apartment (I was hoping I’d get to stick around and watch Alec), but it also sent some friendly dogs for me to watch instead.

I regretted it in approximately 10 minutes, once the dogs began to whine, whine for food, pee in the apartment, and then whine some more. Dog hangout was immediately swapped out for convivial, since Jeff will need to build charisma for his career, and I need to create a good at-bro-sphere.


One thing I did not anticipate when I decided to have a pet on an apartment lot was how annoying it would be to have to constantly take him downstairs & outside.

Now, the jogging I don’t mind so much, because it’s also beneficial to Jeff, but guys… the pooping. WHO decided that they needed to actually animate it coming out? Why do you need to actually pick it up and throw it out?? The cats have a fucking automatic litter box, why can’t my dog poop just disappear???

I feel like this goes without saying, but I am very much a cat person.


 Gym day, bro!

"Bro, take this key, bro! It'll be like living together, bro, only we get two apartments!"

Later on in the week I had Jeff gave Alec a spare key, in hopes of encouraging some more bro-time.

Only took a day for Alec to start inviting himself over, usually when Jeff is at work, so he mostly hangs with Rocket. Not exactly the bro shenanigans I was hoping for.

Alec is trying so hard, you guys.

The rotation ended with Rocket getting sick, and I used up one of Jeff’s vacation days to get him to the vet, who spent most of the appointment practising his singing??

Ended up being a waste of a vacation day, because they finished just before Jeff would need to leave for work. I used the rest of his free time to level up some skills for his career, and managed to get him another promotion. I think he’s on level 3 of the athletic career now - not as familiar with the levels as I was with 2.

Also, Rocket looks like the fucking Pixar lamp with that cone on. 

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