Monday, December 3, 2018

Paraneighbours: Introduction

I’m currently playing a group of supernaturals living in the Culpepper apartments in San Myshuno, and I’ve been enjoying them so much that I’ve decided to actually post some gameplay pics, much like I used to do with my Northmill sims.

Since you can’t actually create or name your own neighbourhoods in ts4, I’ve decided to call this bunch the ‘Paraneighbours’

Starting Sims: 

 Jeffery (Jeff) Spencer

Alec Winchester

Miko Ojo

Andromeda (Andy) Olsen

Carlotta DiCarlo

 Isobel Baudelaire

Rocket Spencer

Kitty Olsen

Rotation 2 & Onwards:

 Lilith Vatore

 Caleb Vatore

Lacey Baudelaire

Olympia Baudelaire

Cole Mortis

Liv Mortis

Felix Rudolf

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