Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 2: Winchester

It’s time for some more paraneighbours!

Since Jeff has moved in with Alec, I’ll be tagging their shared rotation under Winchester, because Jeff’s last name is probably going to be changing at some point in the future…

The rotation gets off to an immediate bad start - this vampire bitch is back, and she managed to bypass the garlic this time?

Last time the garlic in the main room was enough to ward her off, but apparently that’s no longer the case, so I had Alec craft some more garlic braids to decorate the bedroom with.

Nothing makes for a romantic bedroom atmosphere like garlic. :P

Continuing the train of bad luck, Rocket gets sick again, and must return to the vet for another cone of shame.

 I just love how disgruntled he looks about it in the last picture.

I timed this rotation so that the boys could hit the spice festival, because they missed it last time. I was really hoping Alec could harvest some of the plants for ingredients, but the festivals plants were bugged on this save, so he had to settle for just sampling all the food.

I think these plants were fixed in the newest patch, so hopefully I’ll be able to grab some on their next rotation.


Please enjoy some outtakes from that last group of photos. Rocket is really not having a good time this rotation.

I may have gone a little overboard on the Rocket pictures this rotation.

So far there hasn’t been a ton of neighbourly bonding (mostly because Alec and Jeff are far too busy flirting with each other), but Andy likes to hang out with Jeff sometimes while Alec is at work.

Jeff’s reached a high enough level in the athletic career that he can start training Alec, which he’ll need if he’s going to start slaying some vampires.

Just as I was thinking that standing behind someone on a treadmill seemed like a really bad idea, Alec wiped out and proved me right.

With Alec’s body skill slowly improving, I sent him off to Forgotten Hollow to collect some ingredient, and then I had him concoct the ultimate vampire cure.

I then had to exit without saving and have him remake it later, because it was only good for 9 or so hours, and it would have expired before he got home from work. :P (I later realized that sticking in the fridge would’ve increased the time…)

Back in Forgotten Hollow, Alec encounters a vampire, and successfully manages to cure her. I was really hoping he’d run into the one that keeps breaking into his apartment, but no such luck.

He is entirely too confident after his first successful slay.

Jeff and Alec finally had their days off line up, so I sent them off to Brindleton Bay for a date.


I added a waterslide to the dog park for the sole purpose of being able to take pictures of Jeff using it. I was not disappointed.

Next stop on their date was the Salty Paws Saloon, which I turned into a seafood restaurant.

I am super glad that the ‘feed a bite’ interaction made a return in 4.

 Shit hit the fucking fan the day after their date, though...

A bunch of their stuff was broken, and since Alec’s been building handiness for his aspiration, I had him fix everything while he was off work. He got electrocuted while working on the radio, I had him finish repairing it, and he died as soon as he finished.

Jeff and Rocket were both home, so they got to witness the joy of death, and my attempts at having Jeff save Alec were futile.

Carlotta also appeared out of nowhere to clap over Alec’s corpse. She’s such a bitch; I love her.

Now, my gut instinct was to exit without saving as soon as Jeff failed to win Alec back, because I am invested in this bromance and refuse to let it die. I felt a little guilty, so I decided to reload, have Alec fix everything again, and see if I could save him from death.

Well, I tried again...

 ...And again, and Grim Reaper refused to budge both times.

On the last attempt I considered leaving him as a ghost, but I don’t have the wishing well to bring him back, and was worried about buggy plants ruining an attempt to make some ambrosia, so I just gave up.

The Grim Reaper is a fucking homophobe, guys. I fail to see why two sims with a maxed relationship and ‘soulmate’ status shouldn’t be able to save each one another from death.  It felt so much easier in 2?

On my 4th try, Alec was able to repair all their broken appliances without dying.

He did, however, get bitten by Lilith, despite ALL THE GARLIC I keep stuffing in their apartment.

This is my punishment for trying to cheat death, I see.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how that selfie from their date turned out, the answer is shitty. I think this was the point where I decided I’d just take my own fucking pictures for their apartment.

(To be fair: I have very shaky hands, and this is how all my selfies turn out if I’m not supporting the phone with both hands, haha.)

My favourite thing about Jeff’s hotheaded trait is how much more frequently I get the flaming spaghetti and angry poop interactions for him.

It’s really not as annoying as I thought it would be? He usually cools down pretty fast by taking a cold shower, or talking himself down in the mirror. Alec’s frequent tense moodlets from being a loner annoy me so much more.

I did a little bit of jumping between households in order to get the boys to the romance festival at the end of their rotation. For... reasons.

Fuck you, Grim Reaper; Jeff and Alec are getting hitched.

Initially I was going to wait to see if I could get an autonomous bro-posal through MCCC, but then I realized I could get much nicer pictures if I told them to do it.

Probably going to have them wait a bit before having a wedding. It’d be nice to have one of the vacation packs to send them on a honeymoon, or more things to make a fancy wedding venue with, and I want to get Parenthood before I let any of the Paraneighbours start having kids.

2 brooos, chilling in the hot tub

 okay but why does his hand look so small

Some of the moodlet descriptions are so cute, it makes me wish 4 had memories like 2, so that you could view things like this again. Reminiscing about different memories could even give them a brief moodlet…

EA pls hire me.

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