Monday, December 3, 2018

Rotation 2: Olsen

Moving on to Andy and Miko, who threw a protest outside the apartment at one point during the boys’ rotation.

The flea market was on during their rotation, and while I don’t normally have my sims go to it, I sent Andy down because I spotted a frog at one of the tables and I wanted to put it in their apartment.

Miko came down to hang out with Alec, and Andy made an attempt to play basketball.

This rotation I discovered that Andy and Alec have never actually met, and as soon as I fixed that, Alec got all pissy about the alien thing.

I mean, it makes sense that a vampire slayer would be prejudiced against other kinds of supernaturals, but Alec… buddy… she’s been living across from you for weeks… Come on, bro.

Andy and Jeff, on the other hand, have the purest friendship. Casual reminder that so far, Jeff is literally the only sim who got a positive moodlet from finding out she was an alien.

A bro is a bro, even if they’re out of this world.

I’ve decided that this is the last rotation I’m going to play with aging off for everyone, so I had Andy and Miko drink some potions of youth to make sure they’ll be aging at the same rate as the boys.

Andy finally reached level 10 of her career, and I achieved the initial goal I’d set when I first started playing her, which was to travel to Sixam.

It was pretty, but not very exciting; she spent the rest of that work day looting the place for all its resources.

I haven’t really made use of the bowling stuff yet (I really only own it because it came bundled with City Living/Dine Out), so I redecorated the premade bowling alley and sent the girls out for a date night.

Miko won every game, and now I kinda want the girls to form a bowling team with the boys to see who the ultimate bowling champ is.

I don’t know how to make a bowling team without Get Together, so I settled for throwing a party with the boys instead.

Andy and Jeff cemented their best friend status, and then became partners in crime because I wanted to see what that did. I didn’t really figure it out, but I did have Andy dare Jeff to streak around the block, and Jeff happily complied because he is always ready to strip down.

Alec just spent most of the night playing bartender, but he did befriend Miko, and he seems to have forgotten he was mad about Andy being a not-so-secret alien.

Living in an apartment complex with vampires was a terrible mistake. Miko tried to call the landlord to fix the garbage chute (which seems to permanently exist in a state of being jammed), and Caleb got him before he could take even 3 steps towards it.

This fucker isn’t even supposed to be drinking from sims; he’s got the “good” vampire aspiration. :P

The Positivity challenge was on while I was playing this rotation, and I had Miko complete it, since she was the most fitting sim for it anyways.

This is the first challenge I’ve actually been able to play, and while I can’t really compare it to any of the past ones, I though it was kinda just eh. I had trouble getting the good deeds to actually register, and the gift stack reward only worked for me once.

Andy got prompted to go to an alien party on her last day of work this week, and again it was kind of ehh? All it really did was generate a shit ton of alien townies that my game does not need.

I’m glad I got invested in the sims themselves, because my actual goal of getting to see Sixam ended up being pretty lacklustre, haha.

This is the only reason I bought a roomba for the apartment.

Kitty has also developed a sudden, inexplicable fear of the toilet. It’s the same toilet they’ve had in their apartment the whole time so ???

Now if she were scared of that laser litterbox, that would at least make a little sense. :P

Seasons! I bought 6 packs during the black friday sale, so now I have the majority of the expansion and game packs, and I can start doing seasonal rotations for the paraneighbours, which was how I liked to section off my rotational play back in 2.

Since time is not confined to your active lot in 4, I’ll be resetting the season each time I change households, because I want them all to be experiencing the same season during the rotations. For the end of this rotation, I’m just playing everyone through summer.

There also might be some changes in the picture/game quality from this point on - I’m still trying to figure out what graphic settings work best for my laptop with all the new content.

First order of business: the bowling team I wanted to create.

Kind of expanded it into some general club activities, because I figure it’ll be easier to get these 4 together if I can just call a club meeting whenever I want them to hang out.

I had Andy and Miko explore Windenburg a little. Initially I was trying to have them renew their vows, because that sounded cute, but I had a ‘woohoo in bush’ queued up after, and they ran off to do that instead of finish the vows.

A thunderstorm started right after they finished, so I had to send them home because Miko did not have an umbrella, and Andy’s immediately broke.

Ending the rotation here with these very sweet dialogue boxes.

Jeff’s is surprisingly wholesome; I was expecting something more along the lines of ‘Alec is HOT’, given that speech bubble he has…

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