Sunday, December 16, 2018

Rotation 2: DiCarlo

Pour yourself a glass, it’s time for another Paraneighbours update.

I had her read the obituaries on the computer to see if they did anything special, and now it’s her new favourite hobby.

me getting ready to leave the house

Again, she’s such a bitch, but I love her. Look how pleased she looks with herself.

I had Carlotta pick a fight with Jeff, solely ‘cause I wanted to see who would win.

Miko must have really wanted to know, too, because she seems to have left a woohoo session with Andy to come spectate.

Jeff kicked her ass, and I figured it must be because of his very high body skill.

Since Alec’s been training, and I want a fair fight between him and Carlotta, I sent her off to the gym to work out.

Jeff seemed to have had the same idea, and was not pleased when he spotted her.

Bella Goth was also at the gym, and I had Carlotta turn her into a vampire before she left.

See, Carlotta needs her own vampire club, and I need some glam vampire ladies to fill it with. Poorly dressed vampire npcs are not gonna cut it. :P

It’s the middle of summer in their rotation, but that doesn’t stop Carlotta from stealing a mistletoe smooch from Lilith.

Spotted Miko while Carlotta was out, looking adorable.

She also looks extremely uncomfortable, but that’s probably because Carlotta drank her plasma before she headed out…

Decided to send Lilith and Carlotta out to test the new Spa Day stuff, since Jeff and Alec’s rotation isn’t for a while.

Lilith spent most of the visit doing yoga (and I’ll definitely have to send Jeff there to start building the wellness skill), while Carlotta was there to be ~pampered~.

Oh, and Caleb was there too.

Lilith opted to put her swimsuit on to take a mud bath, while Carlotta decided to bare her female-presenting nipples for all to see.

Had a heatwave during their rotation, so I sent them to that rooftop lounge in San Myshuno for a pool day. 

I am living for this “vampires carry umbrellas” aesthetic.

Nothing to see here, just a raccoon asleep on a public bench. A normal sight for any city, honestly.


I had Carlotta pick the food track in the critic career, mostly because I like the idea of her showing up at Alec’s future restaurant just to write him a trash review.

“The only thing worth eating here is the chef” etc.

Alec and Carlotta have the best arch-nemeses relationship, which consists of Carlotta sending Alec spam emails, and Alec making empty threats in return.

I tried to have Lilith propose to Carlotta this round (gotta one-up Alec Winchester by throwing a fancier wedding), except Carlotta turned her down the first time?

I had them make up in bed, made sure the friendship bar was maxed out like their relationship bar was, and this time it went a lot more smoothly.

Caleb sent 2 congratulatory text messages to both Lilith and Carlotta, which was cute, but now I’m wondering why Jeff never got one from Andy…

I made Carlotta’s vampire club, but for some reason I can’t get Isobel to join at all. She turns down any invite she gets, I can’t add her from this screen, and Caleb tells her she’s not qualified if she asks him to join.

Also, I’m not sure how the banned activities work (I assume it’s just during club meetings?) so I just went with all the food-related ones because they’re not supposed to be eating human food anyways. I just don’t really see a point in putting a restriction on what actions they can’t do.

I held one club meeting for the Glampires, and (of course) Caleb decided not to show.

He’s such a rude lil bitch in my game; I’m surprised he even bothered to text them after their engagement.

Managed to get Isobel into the club after I removed all the restrictions, and changed the club to open. Once she was in I was able to put all the restrictions back into place, and close the club, so idk what the problem was to begin with.

It’s not like she didn’t know Carlotta, or didn’t have a high enough relationship score to ask Caleb to for an invite!

Held a second meeting for the Glampires once Isobel joined to make sure they were all acquainted with each other.

It was going relatively well, until they all decided to run around the city looking for sims to drink. I am so thankful for the options to do activities as a group; herding sims is like trying to herd cats otherwise.

Lilith is slowly working her way up in the detective career. I was successfully able to have her solve one case, although it was a little glitchy. For example, only one sim loaded on the lot when I sent her to search for a suspect.

Made it a little too easy to figure out who it was. :P

The rotation wrapped up with a flea market, and prank day coinciding. I didn’t really take any pictures, because it’s not a particularly exciting holiday (or festival).

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