Sunday, December 23, 2018

Rotation 2: Baudelaire

Time for Isobel and Caleb's last rotation in the apartment building, before I move all my vamps into a nice house together.


I had Caleb join the new style career track, in hopes of getting the townies to stop wearing such atrocious outfits.

I realized this rotation that the problem isn’t that playing Isobel & Caleb is boring, it’s just that most of their rotation is spent skilling/working on their careers, and I don’t really take a lot of pictures of that.

They also happen to be my only two vampires without sun immunity, so I can’t really send them off on fun daytime dates like my other three couples.

Another thing I discovered this rotation is that Lacey is terrified of both the organ and the computer, which sucks because Isobel needs both.

I'm moving my vampires into one shared house at the end of rotation 2 because Isobel and Caleb have more money than I know what to do with, and hopefully having spooky electronics/instruments sectioned off in their own room will stop the pets from living in a permanent state of being tense.

Olympia is by far the neediest pet I’ve played so far; she constantly meows for attention (which, to be fair, is exactly how some cats behave) if Caleb or Isobel ignore her for any longer than 10 minutes.

I’m working on Caleb’s good vampire aspiration, and luckily he seems to be pretty friendly with Miko (not sure when that happened, but okay), because all of his friends are vampires, and and he needs permission to drink from 2 sims in order to fulfill it.

Another goal is to craft his own plasma packs, so I sent him out to do a little bit of fishing for materials.

(I should probably add this was before I reset his abilities and took away his sun immunity.)

I’m super happy about having a digital tablet to give my sims in place of an easel. I know it just builds the same skill, but it’s nice being able to decide if I want to play my sim as a traditional artist, or digital.

The spice festival came to town, and Caleb managed to beat the spcie challenge on his first try.

I was also able to actually have him harvest the plants, and I got super lucky with a cowplant seed. I have Isobel’s death set to cowplant, so I’m definitely going to need to plant one once they’re in their new house, and see what happens.

I decided to send Caleb and Isobel out on a nighttime date, because they’re the only couple who hasn’t had any so far.

I haven’t explored too much of Windenburg yet, so they started off by going for a little dip in the buff at the bluffs.

Caleb and Isobel were the only couple missing a framed picture for their house, so i spent half their date trying to get the right “suave kiss” animation to use for it.

If someone could tell me why it has 2 different animations, that would be great.


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