Sunday, December 23, 2018

Rotation 2: Mortis

Since I’m condensing my vampires down to one household, I decided to add a new family to the rotation, otherwise I’d be down from five households to three. Meet Cole and Liv Mortis, a plant sim & zombie brother-sister duo.

Now, sims 4 is severely lacking when it comes to supernatural life states, so I just used some CC to create them. I know plantsims are actually thing in 4, but they’re super half-assed in comparison, I didn’t want it wearing off between turns, and I wanted to have full control of hair/skin colour.

I added their portraits to the main introduction post, along with the Vatore siblings, but I'll post them here, too.

Cole’s aspiration is Grilled Cheese, with vegetarian, clumsy, and romantic as his main traits, and essence of flavour as his bonus.

Liv’s aspiration is Freelance Botanist, with loves outdoors, outgoing, and glutton as her traits, and collector as her bonus.

If you’re wondering about my choice of aspiration/traits for Cole, my idea was that he’s vegetarian because he’s a plantsim, but he feels bad about eating other plants so he lives off a diet consisting solely of grilled cheese.

My idea for Liv, on the other hand, was that she’s a zombie with a green thumb, and will eat literally anything.

I initially meant for her name to be a play on livor mortis, but it’s also a little nod to Liv Moore of iZombie.

Obviously she’s not the only paraneighbour whose name comes from other media I like; Alec and Isobel’s last names are probably fairly obvious references, and if you’re trash like me you can probably guess where Alec’s first name came from, too. :P

I had Cole join the painting career because I didn’t know what else to do with him, while Liv’s joining the gardening career.

Jeff was the first of the original paraneighbours to get introduced; the vampires didn’t make an appearance at all this rotation, and Alec, Andy, and Miko would disappear back into their apartments before I could get Liv or Cole to greet them.

The main reason I picked Carlotta’s old apartment for them was so that they could use the balcony to have a little flower garden.

Isobel/Jeff’s old apartment is just too small for rotation gameplay, and I think I’ll just keep it vacant so that I can use it to house potential love interests.

I thought it would be fun/a little more fitting for them to hand wash and dry their laundry, but I didn’t realize how fucking messy the wash tub was, or how fucking long it takes for laundry to air dry.

I mean, I hang-dry a lot of my own laundry, and it still manages to dry faster indoors, in the dark, in the winter. :P

Liv managed to introduce herself to Alec, who would’ve probably snuck back into his apartment had Jeff not been outside to distract him.

The boys are the only household that I did not play during summer, and I’m just now realizing I accidentally gave them matching sneakers and shorts for their hot weather outfits. :P

Liv started the first fire in the apartment complex, if you don’t count Miko and Andy’s fire prior to being moved to this save.

Luckily, sims seem to be able to put themselves out now? I wish ts2 sims were able to take care of fire this easily.

I caved and gave them a proper washing machine, because the tub was just too fucking messy. Eventually I might have to give them a dryer, too, because the slow-ass clothesline takes up a lot of their garden space right now.

Liv and Cole almost got the full range of the TLC problems in their first week alone.

They had a weird smell on 2 different occasions, 2 cases of mice, and even got a full-blown power outage that I never experienced in the entire time Carlotta was living here.

The only thing they were missing was the roaches, and I'm sure they'll make an appearance soon enough. That was by far the most frequent problem for Carlotta.

I gave the empty apartment to a new vampire npc, Felix Rudolf, who I added with Cole in mind specifically.

Now, all of my other paraneighbours I made myself, but for Felix I used a Jack Frost sim by @whattheskell as a base, and made some of my own modifications to his face/appearance.

I also gave him new traits because I wasn’t really concerned about keeping the lore, I just wanted a cool, winter-y looking vampire. :P

Jeff invited Liv to work out with him, as Jeff does, and I may have bought fitness stuff solely for the cool rock treadmill (and more athletic clothes). Sadly, he opted to use one of the regular machines instead. I’ll have to get him on it in his own round.

Sidenote, I’ve used one of these before (when I was a teen, and in much better shape), and they’re fun as fuck. I wish I could (afford to) go to a fancy, high end gym with a rockwall treadmill, because maybe then I’d actually be motivated to get back in shape… Sims have it way too easy. :P

Andy and Miko finally wandered out of their apartment long enough for Cole to greet them. Neither he or Liv seemed to register that Andy’s an alien, so I’ll have to see if they figure it out later, and have a very delayed reaction like Alec did.

One of the traits I gave gave Felix the unflirty trait, because I wanted a bit of a challenge, but also because I like having a variety of traits amongst the gang.

After some trial and error I discovered I’ll need to have Cole build up a decent friendship before Felix will accept any romantic advances, so I sent them down to the flea market with to start bonding.

The method that worked best for me was to raise their friendship bar up to 50%, and then start with the lightest flirt options. I alternated between ‘compliment appearance’ and ‘risque question’, because he turned those two down the least.


I was able to get Felix into a flirty mood, and managed to have Cole do a couple of the flirtier options before Felix took off.

Also, I’m not really sure what the point of the ‘get number’ interaction is, since greeting a sims automatically gives you their number, but it’s very cute!

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