Thursday, January 3, 2019

Rotation 3: Winchester

Moving right on to rotation 3!

Now that I have seasons, and I’ve turned aging on, I’m going to (attempt to) stick to a Monday-Sunday rotation, with each season lasting 7 days. I played the last half of rotation 2 through summer, so rotation will be set to fall for everyone.

My lifespans are currently set to long, but I might end up changing that because 90 days for young adulthood seems like a little too long.

I’m not sure if it’s because I now have GT, or because I moved my vampires out of the building, but this ghost dude from Windenburg has taken up haunting the apartment instead of Isobel.

He also likes to clean up after them, so I guess I can’t complain. Having the haunted trait is basically like having free housecleaning, but from ghosts. :P

Rocket continues to be the Most Loyal Dog. I like that he’s afraid of the radio, and Jeff’s gaming system, but not watching his owners fuck in a closet.

I updated Jeff’s little fitness corner with some new fitness stuff, and had him mentor Alec for a little bit to boost his job performance.

He decided the best way to do that was to cheer in his boxers, and Rocket the Most Loyal Dog obviously came to watch, too.

He poured himself a glass of water, and then hopped in the tub.

Okay, Alec. You do you.


I sent Alec and Jeff off to the spa, so that Jeff could pick up the wellness skill. Alec got an expensive, and apparently shitty massage, while Jeff did a little bit of yoga.

I like how everyone else is barefoot, meanwhile Jeff’s doing yoga in his socks.

I’m kind of disappointed that you can’t really decorate apartments for the holidays? I know you can pull a few decorations out, but still… they could give the apartment windows some lights, or something!

Hopefully with the tree their apartment will look a little more festive for the Winterfest holiday.


I attempted to have a club gathering towards the end of the night, but it ended abruptly because Alec decided to get sick one round into their bowling game.

It’d be nice if illness worked a little more like 2, where your sim would come hom from work/school sick, and not just randomly develop chicken pox halfway through an activity. :P

(And the game doesn’t even give you a pop up? You just get a moodlet that gets buried under 6 other moodlets about inane shit.)

I sent Alec and Jeff home, cured Alec’s “cold” with some medicine, then invited the girls back over for some more bonding.

I’m not sure why, but Alec seems to have forgotten Andy entirely? I’m not sure if it was because their score was low, or maybe I accidentally deleted it when I was clearing out random townies that he’s only talked to once.

Either way, he was good friends with Andy by the end of the night, and became best friends with Miko.

It’s just not a hang out session if Jeff doesn’t get half-naked, or stop to work out.

It’s cheat day, bro!

Jeff got a small performance loss (bro come on, it’s his cheat day bro) for taking the cake, but I was able to get him a promotion by the end of his shift.

They also got the night on the town holiday, and it would have been a cute opportunity for a date night, but Alec had to work until 12am.

So, I sent Jeffery out for a drink on his own, because I didn’t need to deal with a sad moodlet for not celebrating the holiday. Apparently his favourite drink is a rootbeer float.

The spice festival was on when he got back home, so I sent him down to complete the curry challenge, and shoot a few hoops.


There wasn’t much time to get Alec anywhere fancy when he finished work, so he just celebrated with a glass of wine at the spice festival.

I made sure to have both of them harvest some vegetables, since Alec could use them for cooking.

Spent the last day of the rotation having Jeff work on the rockwall treadmill, so that he could start unlocking some of the challenges for it.

He managed to reach peak physical form for his aspiration, which surprised me because I flag freeze my sims’ physiques; I wasn’t even sure that achieving that would be possible without weight loss/muscle gain

He’s now only one body point away from topping the whole Athletic aspiration, so I’ll have to pick a new one for him. No idea what I should give him. :P



Since I haven’t really been keeping a great record of how far my sims have advanced through their careers/aspirations, I figure I’ll wrap up each rotation this round with a summary.

Jeff’s still one point completing the Bodybuilder aspiration path, while Alec is halfway through the Renaissance Sim path. I might temporarily switch Alec to one of the food aspirations (Master Chef), because I think he could complete it faster than his current knowledge one.

I also went with the bodybuilder career path for Jeff (only seemed fitting), and he’s on level 6. I chose the chef branch of the culinary career for Alec, and he’s on level 7.

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