Saturday, January 26, 2019

Rotation 3: Olsen

Time for some more Paraneighbours. I’ve had these pictures sitting on my computer for a while, I was just too lazy to queue & write up all the posts for them. :P

This rotation I discovered the joy of garbage plants, which I initially thought were yet another bug, but apparently are actually the result of me not bothering to clean up any dog poop.


Once I managed to have Miko get rid of the stupid garbage trees, I had her spend most of the first day harassing townies for money. She’s almost at the top of the charity career, and she needs 20k in donations before she can get another promotion.

I almost immediately discovered that you can queue up multiple of the ‘ask for $’ interactions, and have your sims collect much more than 1k from the same sim in one conversation, so that’s exactly how I finished that requirement.

You need to get the bar to about 50% friendship, and they turn you down after a few thousand, but it works pretty well.

With Andy at the top of her career, and Miko well on the way to topping hers, I decided it’s time for the first Paraneighbour baby!

I’ve been looking forward to giving these two a kid, especially now that I’ve got Parenthood, Toddler Stuff, and Kids Room stuff from all the sales.

I also want to move them into an actual house, so that Jeff and Alec can steal their apartment, and actually have room for some babies of their own.

Andy just managed to finish the ‘live in an apartment worth 100k’ requirement for her aspiration, so once they’ve got enough cash they’re free to move. They both earn a decent amount of money from their jobs, but I also had Andy start working on some paintings; I was really hoping to get them in the new house before the baby came.

mmm, delicious laundry water

Miko gets her first baby bump, and I decided to give her a ‘maternity’ outfit, so that she’s not walking around with a giant, exposed belly during fall.


I’ve discovered a few of the other mood-related food options (the flaming spaghetti, protein plate, and cupid’s cookies) with Jeff and Alec, and this round I discovered the gummy bear pancakes with Miko.

I really like having some special dishes that are mood dependant; I always have Jeff make the protein plate whenever I can. The gummy pancakes are pretty cute, though I wish it would be easier to give them to kids.

They had the lottery holiday pop up, so I had both of them buy a ticket, and then I popped over to Jeff and Alec to also have them buy a ticket.

None of them ended up winning, and I’m pretty sure a pet actually got the jackpot, because the notification only listed a first name. :P


Despite being heavily pregnant, Miko continues her charity work, because they need that promotion money.

Please take a moment to appreciate how cute Miko looks in her lil beret and winter coat, with a cupcake and a baby bump. She’s adorable.

Lots of activity out in front of the elevator when Miko got back. I made sure to have her share the news with everyone, partially to boost some friendship scores, partially because it’s just very cute.

This Harvestfest I made sure to actually look up a guide on how to appease the gnomes, because I badly fucked up when I was playing Jeff and Alec and they started breaking all my shit.

Miko loves the gnome tradition, so it seemed fitting to properly follow it with the girls, and not have them kick the gnomes out of spite, like I did with the boys…

Baby time!

I love that Get to work gives you the option to go to the hospital, even if the birthing machine is a little silly looking.

They had a little girl named Luna, because I am very good and very creative when it comes to naming sims. :P

TS4 babies kind of look like garbage, especially the alien ones. The shitty green skin colour, the weird sheen on the arms and legs… just no thanks.

That being said, I’m going to wait to age her up, because their rotation is almost over. It just makes a little more sense to begin the new lifestage at the start of the next rotation.

Oh, and the birth of Luna actually happened during Harvestfest, so they did not get to eat Andy’s… delicious tofurkey until they returned from the hospital.

They had a lot to be thankful for this holiday, that’s for sure.

Jeff is my favourite Paraneighbour.

Well, this was bound to happen at some point.

Luckily Miko only works 3 days a week, and was able to rescue her wife immediately. I am not ready for the challenge of raising a toddler with a single sim.

They scraped up just enough money to buy their new house, which is the Old Salt House in the same neighbourhood (Spice Market) with some major redecoration. I’m planning on moving the vamps in next door, so that way everyone will still have the ‘neighbour’ relationship.

Andy and Miko have a few upgraded appliances, so I moved those over to the new house (idk if upgrades carry over when you move your household?), and had Andy spend the rest of the rotation upgrading some of their new appliances.

Here’s a few pictures of their new house.

There’s quite a few empty rooms left, because they barely had enough money to afford the rooms that were, and I had to temporarily sell the backyard set up so that I could move them in this rotation.

I’m planning on putting a pool & hot tub in when they can afford it, so they can have some backyard pool parties with the boys (and all their future kids).

Andy and Miko’s rotation wraps up with a new baby Paraneighbour, and a promotion for Miko.
Miko and Andy have both topped their careers now, and I’m planning on letting them keep the same jobs, since it’ll let Miko stay home with the new baby, and help them earn enough money to finish their house.

Andy’s 3 skill points away from finishing her City Native aspiration; she just needs to max out the singing skill, and at that point I’ll have to choose a new aspiration for her. Like Jeff, i’m not too sure what I’ll give her yet.

Miko was working on the Friend of the World aspiration, but I decided to switch her to the Super Parent aspiration, because I thought that might help introduce me to more of the new Parenthood features. She’s only on the second step of the aspiration, so that should keep her occupied for a while.

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