Saturday, January 26, 2019

Rotation 3: Baudelaire

The vampires moved into their shared house at the end of their last rotation, so that I could play Liv and Cole in their old apartment.

Luckily Caleb and Isobel have more money than I know what to do with, so I didn’t have to frantically sell items like I’ve been doing with Andy & Miko, and will have to do with Jeff & Alec next round.

I’m going with the Baudelaire tag for this household, since I’ve used DiCarlo as a tag for one of my old ts2 families in the past.

Their new house, featuring lots of greys, reds, and blacks, because I really liked Carlotta’s old living room, and wanted to recreate it.

The most important new additions are an office for Isobel and Caleb, a small game room to keep all the pet stuff in, and a nursery for one future vampire baby (I scarified a second bedroom space for the office, because there wasn’t enough space for more computers and the organ otherwise.)

There’s also a little, unpictured pantry that connects the nursery to Caleb and Isobel’s room, because I needed to shove a fridge & laundy appliances somewhere.

Their lot traits are registered vampire lair, romantic aura, and dark ley line.

They’ve got a lot of backyard space, so I had Caleb plant all their special vampire plants back there, along with their new cowplant seed.

This picture reminds me of every time I have ever accidentally watered a villager while trying to play Animal Crossing, or Stardew Valley. I guess now I can add Sims to that list.

They do have 2 bathrooms their house house, despite the fact that all they really need is at least one toilet and a shower, mostly so Carlotta can take all the fancy spa day baths.



I highly recommend vampire cops; watching them arrest sims while carrying around a fancy umbrella is pretty amusing.

(Plus, you can lure the dumb npc cowokers away from their computers just long enough for your sim to do their fucking tasks if you drink their plasma.)

Sticking Carlotta in the food critic branch was another great choice; watching her be the worst restaurant guest ever while getting paid to critique is amazing.

I think I’m going to have to build my own fancy restaurant for the GtW neighbourhood, solely so that Carlotta can terrorize it whenever she gets a new work task.

Sidenote, I LOVE that the adult sims get the option to colour while waiting for their dinner. I’m not sure what pack adds this option; I don’t think I saw it when I sent Jeff and Alec on their lunch date. Either way, A+ choice, I’m a grown ass woman who’s always down to draw if the restaurant provides crayons and paper.


I realized after Carlotta’s fancy night out that she actually has the withered stomach weakness, so I decided to reconfigure her abilities so that she can fully enjoy all her dining experiences.



Isobel’s been making some good progress on her aspiration. She’s perfectly happy to spend most of her time sitting at the computer, writing novels all day, and that’s why most of the pictures this rotation have been of Carlotta.

Caleb continues to be a problem.

I don’t even know how he managed to get himself behind the chair, but I long for the days where I could pick sims up with moveobjects on.


Miko and Andy’s gay propaganda attracts a lot of townies, which is perfect because it’s directly outside the new house, and it’s basically the vampire equivalent of having food delivered to your door.

Hey, Vlad.

There was a lot of skilling that went unpictured this round, so there were also a fair amount of promotions, and progress made on aspirations. Here’s a rundown for each of my vamps:

Lilith is on level 4 of her career after getting promoted to Detective, and has already finished her promotion task so she’ll hopefully get another promotion next round. She’s on the 3rd step of her Vampire Family Aspiration, and has not made any progress because I have not been turning any new vampires. Oops.

I’m not sure what level Caleb is on for his Stylist career, because the Wiki has not been updated for it yet, but he’s apparently an “Ensemble Author”. He is, however, on the last step of his Good Vampire aspiration, and just needs to survive an another 6 days of not drinking without permission.

Isobel’s on level 6 of the writing career, and I’ve chosen the author branch for her. As for her Bestselling Author aspiration, she’s on the last step, and needs to max out her writing skill, write 2 more best sellers, and earn a shit ton more royalties.

Finally, Carlotta. I mentioned that I chose the food critic branch for her already, and she’s on level 6 of that. She’s also maxed her Master Vampire aspiration, so I have chosen to give her Fabulously Wealthy as her next one. She’s on the second step, and only needs to earn a couple thousand more to complete her next goal.

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