Saturday, January 26, 2019

Rotation 3: Mortis

Time to post the last of rotation 3, because I’ve got some ~plans~ for rotation 4 and I’m eager to start playing that.

Last time Felix took off before I could really get into any of the romantic options, but Cole was able to lure him back into the apartment for their first kiss.

After taking off again, Felix invited Cole out for a date night, and man I really wish I’d let some of my other couples live separately a little longer. It would have been nice to have more game-initiated dates.

Anyways, it was very cute until they remembered it was prank day, and got up half way through their meal to start pulling pranks on each other.

I sent them back to the apartment for more food, because the waitress cleared their plates after they got up for pranks. I’d complain, but in ts2 the townies would straight up swipe my sims’ food whenever they went out for a meal, so this is honestly an improvement.

Felix just sort of knelt on the floor and watched them eat. I really should buy them 2 more chairs…

I like the TLC apartment for the challenge, but holy shit do I hate having to move the furniture every time there’s bugs/a mouse/weird smell.

At least with the pipes/powerbox there’s a physical object so it’s easier to avoid blocking them. :P

My favourite thing about the loud apartment noises is when a couple is woohooing together, but one of them leaves the apartment halfway through.

Liv’s the only single neighbour left, and lucky for her, Zoe Patel happened to be in the area this rotation.

Now, originally I was actually going to set Andy up with Zoe because they were coworkers in my first save, but Miko won me over. So, when I was making Liv and Cole I decided I’d set Zoe up with Liv instead.

Felix and Cole went on another date outing to Windenburg. For an unflirty sim, Felix sure likes going out on dates. :P

Halfway through this playthrough I discovered that  having MCCC + aging on meant that my townies were now getting married, and having kids. As someone who enjoys the lack of story progression in ts4, I immediately shut off every setting I could find to prevent it from happening again.

I mean come on, it would be one thing if the progression was realistic, but Lily Feng having a baby? She hates children!

I deleted both her previous toddler and the fetus because no thanks.

Miko and Jeff swooped in as soon as they discovered there was yet another gay neighbour in their midst. I had Liv join the last club slot, and I’ll have Zoe join if it’s possible to unlock any more. Felix might just have to settle for the Glampires.

(In retrospect I could have also just called my save ‘Gaybours’, since they’re all gay/bi/pan in addition to being paranormal. :P)

They really need more than one double bed in their apartment…

Award for ‘The Loudest Neighbours in the City’ goes to Jeff and Alec, who have had more noise incidents than my other households combined.

Felix is probably the best neighbour, because in addition to being completely silent thus far, he also likes to wander in and retrieve their dry laundry for them.

Jeff, to his credit, tries to be a good neighbour.

Sadly his idea of being a good neighbour is showing up uninvited & shirtless, and then doing sit ups in the middle of the kitchen.

I really need to buy them some more chairs.

Also, I just really like the assortment of clothes going on here. Jeff (as expected) is shirtless, Liv’s got a shirt but no pants, and Zoe’s got more clothes than both of them combined.

They had a far more successful club gathering this round, mostly because Alec did not get sick halfway through. They even remembered to put on bowling shoes this time!

Liv and Cole had a pretty low-key Harvestfest; they ate a grand breakfast together in their pjs, and then Cole got sick because I forgot I made him a vegetarian. Oops.

There wasn’t really enough room for a double bed in Liv’s room, but I did give her a closet so that she had somewhere to woohoo that wasn’t her brother’s bed.

So far Cole is the only neighbour intimidating enough to get an apology out of Jeff after a noise complaint.

Also, please note that this is the THIRD noise complaint for Alec and Jeff this household’s round, with not even a peep out of Felix.

Liv and Cole’s round lined up perfectly with the romance festival; I was able to get some more flowers for Liv, so she can expand her little balcony garden and use them for making bouquets.

My only complaint is that the festival plants are still bugged?? Sure, they can actually be harvested now, but half the plants were just scattered across the area, making them impossible to harvest because they were in other objects.

Liv and Cole are a little behind the others, since they’re the newest neighbours, but here’s a recap of their progress on their aspirations & careers:

Cole is on the second tier of his aspiration, although the grilled cheese one only has 3 tiers, so he’s a little more than halfway through. He’s on level 4 of the painting career, which is pretty good because I think most of the other neighbours are around level 5/6.

Liv is on level 3 of the gardening career, and the second tier of the Freelance Botanist aspiration. She’s got a ways to go still, but I think I’m going to give her the outdoor enthusiast one once she finishes it that.

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