Monday, June 1, 2020

The Paraverse: Rotation 3.2

It's Jeff and Alec's turn, and they had a fun rotation this time around!

Much like Andy, Jeff and Alec start off their rotation by getting a head start on some of their homework at the beginning of their next term.

Unlike Andy, they're much more prone to getting distracted.


I can only imagine their conversation went something along the lines of the following:

Alec: Hey bb, are you a roast chicken? Because you are smokin'.

That, or perhaps he was just really excited about the roast chicken one of the dormies left out.

Alec then heads off to his first class, and hits the Britechester commons after to do some more homework, while Jeff attends soccer practice.

Jeff comes back from soccer practice really angry, thanks to his hotheaded trait, so I had him jog around campus a bit to blow off some steam.

After his jog, I thought it might be nice for him a take a refreshing dip in the nearby river, just to make sure he's fully cooled down.


His swim was a little too refreshing, perhaps. I would have thought that mermaids would have better tolerance for cold water.

Luckily for Jeff, there was a coffee stand still open on campus, so he was able to warm up pretty quickly with a nice cup of coffee to-go.

Love that the statue behind him is all dressed up for winter, too. :)

Look at him rub his belly as he waits for his pizza rolls to cook. He's such a good boy.

I've been pushing Jeff a little harder in his practices in an attempt to get him to the next rank, and so he came back with a slight injury this time around.

Nothing a little kiss can't fix, right?

Despite his sprained arm, Jeff seems to be enjoying his time at university.

When he's not practicing his soccer skills with his teammates, I've been having him use the TV in the dorms to build his fitness skill.

Poor Alec has been a little overlooked, since I spend most of my time making sure Jeff gets his homework and needs taken care of before his daily soccer practices.

He mostly just hangs around the dorms doing homework, and attending guest lectures for his aspiration. Maybe I'll have him join the debate team next rotation, so that he has something to besides schoolwork. I think the debate showdown usually takes place on Saturdays? So that should leave Sunday free for dates. ;)

Speaking of Saturdays, the Britechester soccer team has their at-home game night then, so Jeff and his team get together for one last pracice beforehand.

Their practice gets interrupted by the spirit squad's pep rally, so they stop practicing to play some juice pong instead.

Love that they all hopped on their bikes to ride to the big game. Soccer team roll out!

Alec was free that night so I also sent him off to watch the game, and this poor dude stood outside trying to rally up some support for the other team.

Good game, bro!

They had another victorious game, so this time around, I decided to throw them a proper after-game party at the pub, complete with a keg.

Jeff struggled to get the keg tapped, so Alec had to step in to do it.

He was able to do a successful kegstand, at least, with a little help from one of his teammates.


Game night, of course, is the perfect night to give your best bro a big ol' victory smooch in front of all your other bros.

The gang then finished off the night with a short round of juice pong upstairs.

This after-game party really made the rotation for me. I love watching Jeff and his soccer buddies get to together to practice, and having a whole game day ritual with the spirit rally and the after party is really, really fun.

On that note, the fun's not quite over for Jeff and Alec...

Now Alec can also claim that he scored that night.

Sunday the boys are both free, so I have decided to make that their date day.

This time around I took them to a little park in Windenburg for some skating, and had them make their relationship official while they were there.

They are not very good skaters, so I sent them over to the fancy manor to try their hand at the hedge maze instead. 

So bromantic. <3

They were starting to get a bit cold by this point, so I sent them over to the gym in San Myshuno to finish off their date.

Alec took a dip in the hot tub to warm up...

...and Jeff was more interesting in getting in some more work-out time downstairs.

Alec did eventually join him, though. Gotta get in good shape if he wants to become a 'master' vampire hunter again.

And speaking of vampires, hi Lilith!

These two are the only ones I don't have any big eco lifestyle plans for (unless I decided to let Alec make some artisanal garage juice), so I might end up switching off the eco footprint for their part of the rotation next round.

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