Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Paraverse: Rotation 3.1

My new goal is to get the rest of rotation 3 up before June 5th, so that I'll be all caught up with my gameplay, and can start sharing some of the new expansion gameplay sooner rather than later.

So, let's jump in to the first update!

Andy starts off her third rotation by getting a headstart on her first presentation, and homework.

It's a little harder to keep her social need up, since she's the only sim living on their own, so when it starts getting low I usually try to have her play an online game with Jeff and Miko.

It also gets her fun up, too, which is much needed after a long session of working on homework and term projects.

 She does get to go on an actual social outing with Miko a little bit later, though, because I wanted to test out a new bowling alley/night club I found on the gallery.

She's been slowly chipping at making the insane number of mechanisms and computer chips needed for any of the cool robot table projects.

At first I thought it was neat that you could craft them, but I quickly realized how exhausting it was going to get when I saw just how many parts were needed, and realized that you didn't even have the option of ordering them like the regular robot scraps.

It's even more exhausting when your sim is just starting out, and constantly whacks themselves in the head, or zaps themselves while trying to craft fifteen computer chips.

I learned my lesson back in my first save when I killed Alec trying to repair his entire apartment at once, so whenever that happens I gotta make Andy take a break, and that gets annoying fast.

It does give her some time to socialize with the other students on campus, and use the research machine, at least.

They finally get some snow in San Myshuno, and Andy is super pumped about it.

She takes a trip down to Myshuno Meadows with Miko Olsen, to have some fun in the snow.

They take a commemorative selfie with their new snowman pal, and then head back to Andy's apartment for some food.

The power shorted out right as Andy finished cooking their ramen, so they had a not-so romantic dinner in the dark. Maybe I should have bought some candles for them...

The power came back a little bit later, but they'd finished eating by then.

Miko decided to chip in by spraying down Andy's laptop...

 ...and then took a nap on the couch.

Note that Andy is already passed out in bed behind her. I think they were both pretty exhausted by this point.

I actually have seasonal effects turned on in this save, and it was starting to get pretty cold in the apartment, so I bought Andy a thermostat to take care of the temperature.

I know they're revamping the bills in the next big update, so it'll be interesting to see the affect it will have on future bills. Andy definitely strikes me as the type to take an interest in the environment, so she's a good sim to play around with the energy saving aspect.

It was prank day the next morning, so Andy pulled out her probe to play a little joke on Miko.


Miko was not super amused, but Andy made up for it with some snuggles, and a smooch on the couch.

There was another bot-building competition at Foxbury, so Andy showed up to nab some robot parts, and eat some kebabs.

She did get a a handful of parts after dismantling them, but nowhere near the fifteen you need to make some of the crazier stuff, like the servo.

I'm probably going to download a mod so that she can just purchase them in the future. As long as she maxes out her skill first, and has the money to buy them, it doesn't seem too cheat-y to me.

Miko invites her to a dance party at the bluffs that night, and normally I turn those invites down, because the DJ booth no longer seems to work outdoors for me, but now I've got a secret trick up my sleeve...

I found a lot on the gallery that put a secret nightclub under the pool at the bluffs, and I realized it was perfect for the broken dance party outings. All the guests made a bee-line for the DJ booth inside, so it's a pretty good fix for the time being.

I did redecorate the interior myself, because it was pretty basic, and very sparse, but I definitely can't take credit for the idea itself.

Andy's next set of exams were quickly approaching, so she spent the rest of her free time finishing the last of her classwork.

She suffered from a few pre-exam nerves, and threw up the morning of the exams. I then forced her to eat a leftover bowl of ramen right afterwards, because I didn't want to send her in with a low hunger bar.

Poor Andy.


It was sunny and clear in Britechester when she took her exams, but there was still falling snow in San Myshuno, so she spent some time making snow angels to relax afterwards.

I'm really looking forward to next rotation, because that is when I'll be able to start trying out the new expansion gameplay with these guys!

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