Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Paraverse: Rotation 2.2

It's time for some university boys!
I had Jeff and Alec leave their small apartment behind at the beginning of the rotation, and move into an even-smaller shared room in the Britechester dorms.

I am pleased to report that I have gamed the system, and figured out a way to play multiple households rotationally through university, so hopefully I won't get as burnt out playing this save as I am with my main save at the moment. I won't go into it here, because I don't want to ramble, but I might put up a thread on all my rotational gameplay tips over at Boolprop!

Anyways, I signed Alec up for three classes, because I wasn't planning on having him do many (well, any) extracurriculars, and had him get a headstart on his homework.

Jeff, on the other hand, will be taking on a whopping one class courseload, because the soccer team is actually really hard on sims.They have practice every day excepts Sundays, and they always come back stinky and tired, which makes it really hard to get any homework done, let alone term projects!

I figured since Jeff's degree doesn't matter anyways, it was probably best to go easy on the poor boy.

He spends his first night on campus getting to know his new teammates, while Alec works on homework at the Britechester commons.

Jeff's one term project this semester is a presentation, and I had him finish it as soon as possible so that I could just focus on getting his homework done in between practices and class.

Alec had two term papers and one exam to write, but with Jeff gone for 3 hours every day it wasn't exactly hard to find time to focus on Alec's schoolwork.


I didn't find many chances for these two to bond between classes and practices and homework, but I did get them to watch a tv season premiere together after one of Jeff's soccer matches.

Speaking of soccer, I had the brilliant idea of putting together a club for Jeff so that he could meet up with his teammates every few days, and it was great for getting his extra work tasks done.

Get Together's club system works so well with university that I'm actually using it properly for once. Normally I just use it as an easy way to get my sims' friends together, and have them do an activity, but now I'm actually assigning club uniforms and special greetings!

I especially like that you can assign student housing to belong to certain clubs, so you could use that to make a sorority or fraternity if you wanted.

I ended up switching Jeff's aspiration to leader of the pack, since I was actually having a good time getting his soccer team together for extra 'practices.' 

On top of his soccer team, I also had Jeff join Britechester's spirit squad, so that he'd be able to do the school cheer and stuff like that.

One of his first tasks is to pull a prank on the rival school's statue, so he heads over to Foxbury campus with Alec, and a few rolls of toilet paper.

They make it to the end week, and the break from classes means that I'm finally able to send the boys out for a day of good ol' bro bonding time.

I sent them over to Pepper's Pub first, for a bit of pub games and some light lunch.

Britechester had a home game that day, so once the spirit squad event kicked off in the quad, I sent them back to campus to join in on the festivities.

I love Alec looking on contemplatively, as Jeff manages to toss his ping pong ball behind himself.

Also, love that the mascot is one of his fellow team members!

Jeff takes off once the game's about to start, and I ended up sending Alec over to the stadium to watch the game.

 Jeff returns home from his soccer game stinky, but victorious.

He checks himself out in the mirror, and then rewards himself with a shower.

Once he's sufficiently clean, he calls up his soccer team for a quick post-game celebration in the dorm.

Jeff's quickly working his way up in the soccer extracurricular, but he's going to need to build some logic skill to reach the next rank, so I had him sit down for some Sunday morning chess with Alec, after a quick 'practice' with his teammates.

He's actually got a higher logic skill than Alec at the moment, and Alec looks so fucking stressed about the fact that Jeff is beating him. It's hilarious. I love that he's holding his chess piece to his head, as if it will impart some secret magical knowledge that'll help him win the match.

Alec's clearly too gay (well, bi) to function at the moment, so I decided to send him back over to the pub, to see if I could get some bromance going.

I tried a couple light flirts, and I was pleased to see that Alec rolled up a whim to keep flirting with Jeff after I gave him that first nudge.

Look at this dork. He's like three flirts in and he already thinks he's so smooth.

The bromance has begun! Unfortunately, we'll have to leave them here until next time. ;)

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