Friday, May 8, 2020

The Paraverse: Rotation 2.1

Welcome back to the Paraverse! I took a bit of a break from sims to play the new Animal Crossing, and now that there's been talk of some new packs for the game, my interest is slowly returning.

I've had these next two updates saved in my drafts for a while, so even though I haven't quite got back into playing just yet, I figured I should at least get started on posting the rotations I have finished!

Andy's second rotation kicked off with an invite from Miko, who wanted to know if Andy would like to join her for a breakfast date downtown.

It was pouring rain, and the place Miko picked wasn't actually a breakfast place, but I had Andy accept her invite anyways.

It wasn't a super exciting date - Miko took off as soon as she finished her food, but they did get to watch Candy Behr drop an entire tray of food, so I guess there's that?

Andy spent the rest of her rainy day taking care of laundry in her apartment, and getting a headstart on her homework for class.

Andy's been making decent progress on her culinary adventure - I think she's learned about 13 of the 27 recipes at this point?

This trip to the spice market led to her trying a plate of curry, and developing some bonus basketball skills from it.

I've also been trying to collect all of the city posters and snowglobes with her, and she managed to find an entire keyboard in this box??

I decided to let her keep it, since I've never actually used the keyboard before. I know I gave one to Scott and Eugene at one point, but I'm pretty sure I confiscated it the next day because the dog noises it made were awful.

It's a little more endearing when Andy plays it, because she's an alien who wouldn't know any better.

Andy encounters the boys walking around the fashion district again - they seem to like hanging out here. I've never seen them on any of Andy's trips to the spice market, but I'll find them here at least once a rotation!

Alec had forgotten her since they last met, and this time I noticed he became confident after meeting an alien. He's such an idiot; he pulled this exact shenanigans back in my main save, too!

Geek Con came to town this rotation, which meant that Andy had a chance to knock another aspiration goal off her list.

She failed miserably at the game challenge...

But my spunky lil genius was able to win the hack-a-thon with ease! She got a little bit of cash, and an expensive computer that I completely forgot about until I started writing up this rotation...

She had just enough time to take one more stab at the game challenge (she did not do any better), before she had to run off to her first class. 


After her class finishes, she heads over to the Foxbury commons for some food, and then wanders up to the labs to tinker at one of the bot tables.

She doesn't have quite enough space in her apartment for a bot station of her own, so I'll have to use the ones at the commons to build some gadgets. 

Before heading home for the night, I sent Andy to one of the booths on campus to pick up a bicycle.

I think the spirit squad held some sort of event in the school quad, but there wasn't really a lot going on, so I just had Andy snap a picture with the mascot before heading back home.

Miko invited Andy on another date towards the end of the rotation - this time at the ice cream shop.

It was a bit more of a romantic spot than the first restaurant Miko picked, but she got up to eat her ice cream cone alone at the bar as soon as the waiter brought it out, so I didn't actually get many pictures of them together...

I'll have to have Andy initiate a date sometime, and see if that goes over any better.

It was a nice day, so I ended up sending the two of them over to the spice district after their ice cream to hang out with Jeff for a bit.

I managed to catch a bot-building competition at the end of the rotation, and I was able to have Andy join the bot savants.

She didn't have any bots to contribute to the competition, but I was able to enter one of the premade ones after I stuck it in her inventory? She didn't win, but it was an interesting discovery.

I was able to steal the rest of the bots by directing her to put them on a robotics table, and then cancelling the interaction. I sold them for some extra cash, but then my sister pointed out that I could have taken them apart for robot parts, and I felt kinda stupid for selling them all...

A short update for Andy, but she spent a lot of it working on homework, term papers - which doesn't exactly make for exciting pictures. I'm also trying to cut down on taking too many, because it's super daunting trying to do an update when you've got over a hundred pictures to write about...

The boys are up next, and they've got a decent amount of pictures, so expect a lengthier update next!

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