Thursday, October 24, 2019

Rotation 11: Winchester

So, there's been a bit of a change in plans with the recent confirmation of a University pack...

I started to play through rotation 12 and I was very much enjoying the new magical gameplay, but then the University leaks started, and I realized if I held off on playing for a bit I could send the next generation off to University first. So, that is what I'm gonna do. ;)

I do want to share a bit of my Realm of Magic gameplay, though, so I'm throwing in a little side adventure that I did with Lilith & Caleb at the end of the rotation.

(Also, fun fact: today, October 24th, is actually the anniversary of the Boolprop thread for this story! My Paraneighbours are one year old!)

With that out of the way, onto the rotation! Last time I left off Jeff was working his way through the treadmill challenges. He's successfully completed the first four or five, so now all he needs to do is beat the last challenge, which involves some fancy pyrotechnics.

Things were looking good for Jeff until the treadmill started going berserk, and I realized that this must be the dangerous part I had been warned about.

He got knocked off the treadmill, but survived the malfunction, so no death flowers were needed! It did mean that he'd need to make another trip to the gym in the future to actually complete the challenge, though.

He got a little energized moodlet from surviving the ordeal, and at this point I decided to call it quits for the night. Didn't want to push his luck.

Back at home, he had a bit more success completing his second aspiration. I think the last thing he needed to do was mentor three of his children, so I just had him do a bit of training with Polly and Cas.

Speaking of Cas, he managed to earn the last scout badge he needed the next day, so all that's left to do for this this rotation is spend some quality time with his family and boyfriend.

Polly invited her girlfriend over to tell her that actually, there's been a bit of a change of plans, and so the role of girlfriend will be played by somebody else.

Better luck next time, Ariel.

This is not because of the upcoming University plans, but because Livy suggested that Morgana Hensley from her Hot Ladies Association would have been a good match for Polly, and I agreed.

Polly strolls out to introduce herself, and then gets to know Morgana the old fashioned way... by using her alien mind powers to learn everything there is to know about Morgana.

I wanted to have Polly spend a bit more time with Morgana, and the twins both needed something to do, so I sent them all off to a bowling alley with Jasper for an impromptu group 'date'.

Polly managed to get a strike on her first try, despite the fact that she has never gone bowling before.

Cas, Jasper, and Morgana were about as bad as I'd expected, though maybe they would have done better if they had actually changed into proper bowling shoes. :P

Morgana was a good sport about it, at least. Please not that she is not dancing because she got a strike, but because she was able to hit any pins at all.

I sent Jeff back to the gym at the next chance I got, because I really wanted to get the treadmill challenge over and done with.

It took him a few tries, and we had one more treadmill malfunction, but he was able to complete the last challenge without dying!

I made a few changes to how long the seasons run in my save, so now instead of playing the same holidays every week, I'm going to be playing them every other household or so.

The Winchesters got Harvestfest this rotation, so I had Alec host a dinner party for their family and the Olsens.

Morgana invites herself over as Alec's cooking dinner, so Polly busts out her smoothest moves to impress her.

She goes for a bold pick-up line, and Morgana's super into it. Polly has more game than like, half of my adult sims.

"Hi I'm Jeff."
They sit down to on the couch to chat, and Jeff plops himself down beside them before any flirting can continue.

Morgana leaves after that, but she is invited to their dinner party that evening, so it's not long before she shows up again.

Jasper is also invited to the dinner, even though he doesn't really need to eat. It just feels like more of a family gathering if both twins have their partners/love interests there, too.

Will hops on the computer instead of socializing with the guests, and I can't even criticize him because I've done the same thing at Christmas dinner multiple times in the past...

Dinner is served and it's a bit of a clusterfuck at first, but everyone manages to grab a plate of food, and a few lucky sims manage to snag a place to sit.

Jeff leaves the party to take a nap after dinner (same, Jeff), and Will, who was apparently planning on hiding in the bedroom for the rest of the party, awkwardly stands beside him.

Cas takes advantage of both his dads being distracted, and takes his boyfriend back to his bedroom.

Morgana and Polly aren't quite there yet, so they just take a cute selfie to commemorate the party instead.

The next day, Jeff and Alec get a taste of their own medicine when they try to make out on the couch, and get interrupted by Rocket.

He just wanted to give Alec a kiss, too.

Polly's got some free time later that day, so she invites Morgana over to play some basketball outside.


At one point Polly dunks and flaming basketball, and it smashes the backboard??

Morgana seemed super impressed by that.

They share some congratulations after their basketball game, and then a kiss, and with that Morgana officially becomes Polly's new girlfriend.

Jasper called to congratulate Polly on her new girlfriend, and I would just like to take this point to add that Jasper and Morgana are actually related, technically.

See, Morgana's mom is Caleb's daughter in Livy's game, and Jasper is Caleb's son in my game, which makes him her uncle? It's a little weird, but also kind of amusing. Imagine finding out that your new girlfriend's uncle is actually your twin brother's boyfriend.

Anyways, speaking of Jasper, he came over to spend some time with Cas that night, and I decided to send them out to the Bluffs to change things up.

They shared a very cute kiss, but then Cas started to turn a different shade of blue, and I realized it was probably too cold for them to be going swimming.

I just love that Jasper's already making a beeline for the side of the pool.

I've been focusing heavily on the twins now that they're almost adults, so I decided to take Jeff and Alec out for a little date of their own, just to give them some extra attention.

I've been meaning to send Alec out to an experimental restaurant for a while now, because he is exactly the type of sim who would be excited about that sort of thing.


And excited he was. Just look at those reactions to the food being brought out! Jeff's sitting there like cool, time to eat, and Alec is cheering like this is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Not that Jeff didn't appear to be enjoying himself; he just seemed to be more interested in his husbro than the plate of fancy bacon in front of him.

What a good boy. <3 <3

Watching Alec enjoy every minute of his meal was highly entertaining. He had such a good time!

He even got a little moodlet about his wine pairing well with his meal, what a fucking nerd.

I love the moodlet Jeff got, too. This whole date was just so in-character for these two. It was really nice to see an actual difference between a foodie and a non-foodie sim enjoying a fancy meal.

They took a selfie at the end of their date, and actually got a decent picture out of it, which was great because we can actually display picture frames on tables now!
They'll finally have a nice picture for their bedside tables.

If you take a close look at their want panels in the screencap of their moodlets, you'll notice they both had a whim to woohoo, so that is exactly what they did after.

I can't remember if they rolled up any more whims to try for a baby, but I'm almost sure they must have at some point.

They've come a long way since Alec's shitty selfie!

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