Monday, October 28, 2019

Rotation 11: Olsen


The Olsen's rotation starts off with a trip to Luna's vet clinic.

Miko and Andy make an absolute killing at their jobs, so I was able to fix up the exterior a little, and add another room to the back of the building for the surgery machine.

I haven't actually gotten any prompts to use this machine yet - so I'm not sure that the clinic needs it, but I figured it would be good to have just in case. I seem to be able to visit this clinic with other families and use the services, it should come in handy there.

Leo is her first customer of the days, along with Mars. Things seemed to be going well - Mars didn't take a giant dump upon entering the the lot this time...

...but then this cat decided to pick a fight with poor Leo, so he lost a star for that.

Jeff paid her a visit with Rocket, and that went a lot smoother, so thankfully her business' rating wasn't hit too hard.

Will showed up for a surprise visit after she returned home from work, and I decided I would throw a wedding for them this rotation.

The wedding was set for five pm the next day, so to kill time beforehand I sent Luna and her moms out for a little spa day.


Luna got a hand massage, which I pretended was manicure for her wedding, while Miko and Andy got some massages upstairs.

Back at home she applies the final touches to her wedding look, and then it's off to the ceremony!

As soon as I saw that new wedding arch from Island Living I knew I wanted to throw a beach wedding, and Will and Luna are getting married in sunny Sulani!

I really wanted it to look like a proper beach wedding, so I went in and gave everyone a barefoot formal look for the occasion.

Will and Luna were more than happy to flirt together on the beach while I MCCC'd the rest of the guests into their proper looks.

Then the ceremony started, and I sort of managed to get some of the guests into their seats.

Will's family was invited to the wedding, of course, along the the Winchesters and their respective partners. Hanna went up to Will to congratulate him after the wedding, which was really cute.

Also, it was really hard to get pictures of the ceremony itself, because their guests would all stand up at that worst moments.

Like these two, who got up in the middle of the ceremony to make out. This day isn't about you!!

Rude guests aside, it was a very beautiful wedding. <3

After the ceremony I got a bonfire going, and the guests seemed to enjoy that.

Will moved in after the party ended, and they didn't have a double bed yet, so they celebrated their wedding night in the hot tub instead.

Now, I really want to give these two some kids, but I know once I do it's going to be a big pain in the ass to go to work with either of them, so I'm putting it off for now. I'm hoping I'll actually be able to send both of them to university, but I'm not sure how that works yet, so we'll have to see.

In the mean time, Will starts his first day of work as a medical intern. Felix welcomes him to the hospital by crying as soon as he walks through the doors.

Will's first task is to grab a snack from the break room, so we're really starting off strong here. :P

He does eventually get some patient-related prompts, and gets to give (a very healthy looking) Morgana some medicine.

He wanders into one of the offices to do some cleaning, and gets interrupted by a phone call from his mom, which I found hilarious. I sent a picture to Livy, who responded with this:

He finishes off his shift with another snack in the break room, and a cup of coffee. Good job, Will. Clearly he needs to get an education so that he can start doing some actual work at his job. :P

Livy also informed me that Will actually loved eating microwaved food in her game (especially nuggets), so I made sure to give the Olsens one to make him feel more at home.

Another fun Will fact: he likes to shower in his headphones and socks in my game. I'm sure I could fix it by clearing the accessories from his 'outfit', but it's pretty funny so I might just let him keep them.

Anyways, it's time to focus on Ariel for a bit!

I've played a bit of the acting career in another save, and I know that she's going to need some extra skills for her auditions and roles, so I had her work on a few upgrades around the house to get her handiness up.

Once she's done with that, she heads off to the gym to work on her fitness for a bit.

She takes a quick break to grab some food, and spots Vlad struggling with a plate of nigiri.

And then it's time to head back home, and work on her singing skills.

I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with Ariel yet. I definitely still want to have her go into the acting career, but I'm not sure if I'll send her to university first, or just have her move out and try to break into the business from there.

Kitty also tends to get a bit overlooked during rotations, so here's a couple pictures to make up for it.

Miko is me whenever my cats hop up on the counter to eat my food as I'm making it. My one cat in particular seems to have a sixth sense for when I'm making macaroni, because he shows up in the kitchen to cry for cheese every time, without fail.

I've also added an exam table to Andy's lab, because Kitty has a knack for getting sick, and this is much easier than popping over to the vet clinic every time.

Ariel celebrated her birthday at the end of the rotation, and I decided to throw her a karaoke party to celebrate it.

The guests were more interested in the stereo, but I was able to get some karaoke going by having Ariel sing with some of her guests.

I went with self-absorbed as Ariel's third trait, to go with creative, and snobby.

Halfway through the party Will got sick, so he took some medicine and then took a nap on the pool floatie outside.

Honestly, Will is such a mood at parties.

And that wraps up the Olsen's rotation!

As I've said earlier, I'm really hoping I'll be able to send Will and Luna to university next rotation (by the time I get the entirety of this rotation posted University will probably be out, lol), and I'm leaning towards having Ariel go straight into the acting career at the moment.

I haven't really decided what I want to do with all the adults yet, either - I might play them for another rotation, or I might ship them all off the a nice little retirement home, and play them as one big group. We'll have to see what happens!

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