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Rotation 11: DiCarlo


Welcome to the final DiCarlo update! With all the kids growing up next rotation, I'll be moving Jasper in with the Winchesters, and eventually moving all my original neighbours into a little (well, large) retirement home.

Sadly there's not really enough room to move her in with the rest of the Paraneighbours, so my plan was to retire her after this rotation, and let her roam around as an NPC. Hopefully she'll get up to some fun background shenanigans as an infamously evil celebrity.

I wanted to give her a proper send off though, so I decided to complete one final aspiration with her this rotation. She just managed to complete the Fabulously Wealthy fortune one, and so in order for Carlotta to go down in sim history as the baddest bitch, I decided to have her complete Public Enemy.

Carlotta's first goal was to perform ten mean or mischievous interactions on other sims, so I sent her to Del Sol Valley to terrorize some celebrities.

There, she ran into Nancy Landgraab, who seemed like a pretty good target, so the tormenting commenced.

After knocking out ten mean interactions, Carlotta offered Nancy an autograph for her troubles.

Nancy did not accept the autograph.

The next few goals called for Carlotta to be disliked by two sims, and then four sims, but Carlotta is already disliked by at least thirty sims so those were already checked off the list.

Skipping over to the next level of her aspiation, Carlotta's next goal was to fight five different sims, so she faced off with Nancy Landgraab.

I was going to send her somewhere else after she finished fighting Nancy, but then Thorne Bailey rolled up onto the scene. Now, I don't necessarily hate any of the premades, but Thorne gives me strong asshole vibes so I made him Carlotta's next victim.

Also, I love how pumped the paparazzi looks here. It's kind of annoying when they swarm your celebrities while they're doing mundane shit, but fighting other celebrities is definitely a paparazzi-worthy moment.

Once Thorne Bailey was dealt with,it was time for a little change in scenery...

Her next victim was one of the mermaid npcs, whose name I don't actually remember.

This lifeguard lady watched the whole fight go down, and all she did about it was ask Carlotta for a selfie after.

After Sulani, Carlotta took a trip to the spa in Magnolia Promenade. Upon arriving, one of the employees immediately took a seat in one of the salon chairs, and started complaining about something to Carlotta.

This particular spa employee happened to be a vampire, so once she was finished venting I had Carlotta challenge her to a vampire duel outside.

Carlotta got her ass kicked (which was surprising, considering she's a grand master vampire with a good amount of fitness points), but thankfully their duel still counted towards her goal.

Her final victim was Victor Feng, who she ran into in Forgotten Hollow. I forgot to actually take a picture of his face, but the important thing was that she won her fight with him.

Level 2 and 4 of the aspiration require you to rank up in the criminal career, so I had Carlotta quit her critic job at the beginning of the rotation, and join the boss branch of the criminal career instead.

She has some sort of perk or reward trait that allowed her to bribe her boss for job performance, so she was able to continuously bribe her boss until her work performance maxed out, and earn a promotion a day.

Carlotta was on track to reach level 8 by the end of the week, which left one goal: witness the death of another sim. This was going to require a bit of planning, so let's move on to Jasper for a bit.

Last rotation I think I gave Jasper the vampire family aspiration, but this rotation I ended up swapping that out for the chief of mischief one, because that seemed better suited for a teenager.

Plus, I think he'd turn out to be a little bit of a troublemaker after being 'raised' by Carlotta, just not 'public enemy' levels of troublemaking. ;)

The mischief aspiration starts out similarly to the public enemy one, so he also had to perform 10 mean or mischievous interactions.

I wanted go a slightly different route than I took with Carlotta, so I had Jasper do 10 mischievous interactions instead of mean one. He tried to start off by playing a simple prank on Carlotta, but it backfired and she laughed at him instead.

I sent him outside to seek out more prank victims, and found Morgana taking a stroll around uptown, so I decided to let him hang out with her for a bit instead.

I mentioned that these two are actually related in the Winchester's update, and I think it would be nice for them to become friends, especially since their respective partners are twins.

Morgana eventually ditches Jasper, so he spends the rest of his evening practicing his guitar.

Luckily for Jasper, the Humour & Hijinks festival was running the next night. He joined the pranksters side so that he could knock out those last few mischief interactions, and also work on raisign his mischief skill.

Carlotta came to the festival as well, but did not choose a side, because Carlotta is not a team player.

Jasper also needed to be disliked by another sim for his aspiration, so she spent most of his night harassing this one townie in particular.

She did not appreciate it very much. (Also, she's really cute, but my sister made her and gave her a girlfriend so I can't actually marry her off to anyone.)

Cas happened to show up to the festival as well, and I'd like to note that he never actually joined a side, he just sat and ate spicy food all night. Spicy food that he did not handle well, I might add.

Felix was on team pranksters, but pulled no pranks. I don't go to the Hijinks festival often, but it is interesting to see what side my sims pick when I do go. I'm sure if there was a third, romance-based side Felix would have picked that. :P

The pranksters won, and along with the winning notifications I got one that said one of the food vendors now despised Carlotta. I have no idea what she did, because I wasn't really paying close attention to her, but I think that's hilarious.

Clearly Carlotta is the true winner of the Humour & Hijinks festival.

Also, something that I have just noticed with teens is that when they go in for a kiss, they'll try to grab some ass while they're at it, and the other sim will move their hand away.

Jasper gets some extra mischief in by vandalizing some of the graffiti around the arts district, but sadly that doesn't count towards his aspiration.

What does count is using the computer to send chain letters and spam mail, so Jasper sends a few to poor Scott, who is gullible enough to fall for them.

After raising his mischief skill a bit he's finally able to pull the old hand buzzer trick on Carlotta, who does not appreciate it.

He then tries to throw a drink at her, and sadly this prank does not go as well for him as it did for Carlotta.

Watching the frozen slushie sadly fall out of the cup and onto the floor, and then seeing Carlotta's reaction to it was absolutely hilarious, and I was not expecting it.

He won a voodoo doll from the competition, and I tried to bind it to Carlotta to cause some more mischief, but the doll seemed to have some ideas of its own. The Carlotta voodoo doll is clearly too powerful.

On that topic, I know Carlotta used to have an Alec voodoo doll, but I have no idea what has happened to it since. I should really give her a full collection of voodoo dolls...

Back to Carlotta, I'd figured out a plan for the last goal of her aspiration after reviewing some of the possible death types. I didn't want to have to move anyone else into the household, and I was worried that if I tried to trap a townie in their apartment (or in their pool), they might be able to teleport out somehow.

So, I decided to get a little creative instead. Carlotta already knew how to prepare pufferfish nigiri, and it seemed like it would be easy enough to coerce someone into eating it - all you have to do is call them to the meal, after all...

No, not Jasper. Carlotta was actually a little too competent at cooking, so I needed to have Jasper learn the recipe so that he could cook a poor quality version of the dish.

And once that was done, it was time for Carlotta to host a nice little dinner party for all her victims this rotation. Also, Vlad, because why not?

Everyone got a nice plate of Carlotta's pufferfish nigiri, except for Thorne Bailey, who got Jasper's creation. It was a little hard to pick a victim because again, I don't really hate any of the premades that much, so I settled on Thorne once more because of his general asshole vibes.

Fun detail: the poor quality pufferfish actually looks a little different than the high quality stuff!

The first pufferfish nigiri did not kill him, so I sent the rest of Carlotta's guests home to prevent anyone else from snagging Thorne's special dish, and had Carlotta serve him another plate.

I was a little concerned when he wolfed down a second plate without dying, but as the old saying goes, third time's the charm.

Much like when Alec died, she clapped as Thorne collapsed over his plate. Turns out sims get a little confident moodlet when an enemy of theirs dies, so I bet the same thing happened when Alec accidentally died like 8 rotations ago.

Hilariously, the Grim Reaper was more upset over Thorne's death than Carlotta was.

I do plan on brining Thorne back - I'll probably just throw a new copy of him into the save, but I will be keeping his tombstone as a sort of trophy for Carlotta.

Also I didn't take a picture of it, but she did get the last promotion she needed on the last day of the rotation, giving her 3 completed aspirations. 

With Carlotta's last goal out of the way - all that's left for her to do is reach level 8 of the criminal career- it's time to start another one of Jasper's aspiration tasks. This one requires him to clog a sink at three different homes, so I sent him to the other apartment building in the spice market that I have yet to play.

Arun Bheeda, man, now is not a good time to start some dishes.

And of course, what's the point of breaking into people's apartments and clogging their pipes if you don't take an incriminatory selfie outside their door afterwards?

Love the little bicep flex teen boys do whenever they take a selfie. None of my male sims - bar Jeff - are particularly muscular, so it's extra hilarious in my game.

Cas invites Jasper out to Ward Park for a date a bit later, but there wasn't much to do besides grab some food, so I sent Jasper over to the star walk to vandalize some of the celebrity tiles instead.

I realized after doing this that it would have been even better if Carlotta had a star for him to vandalize, but sadly she did not (yet).

Cas, was surprisingly still at the park when I finally sent Jasper back, and Jasper looked really sad, so I took pity on the poor boy and sent him out on a proper date to cap off the rotation.

"Taking my bro out for a MANLY ice cream date."
They travelled to rainy Newcrest for a bit of ice cream, and that apparently called for another flexed bicep selfie.

I wish we could customize little simstagram pages for our sims, kind of like that family photo album feature from TS2? Jasper's would be a great mix of him doing dumb shit, and taking his boyfriend out on dorky dates. 

As I said earlier, I'm planning on moving Jasper in with the Winchesters next rotation, and hopefully send him off to University with Cas, Polly, and Morgana. He's definitely the type to pull some pranks on a rival school, so that would be fun to explore with him.

I'd like to have them all live on-campus, but I have no clue how dorms are going to work, so they might just take over the Winchesters' apartment instead.

Before I finished their rotation, I gave Carlotta a new look, courtesy of the new Realm of Magic content. Her antics didn't quite boost her up to the last celebrity rank, so I cheated her there myself, which earned her a tile for the walk of fame.

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