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Rotation 10: Winchester


So the summer vacation season has just ended, but I am dreadfully behind on posting my updates (I played this back when Island Living first came out! We've had a second pack released since then! And probably a third one before I even post this update!)

So, as I have previously mentioned in the Boolprop thread, this rotation will be posted all at once, so that I can catch up a little quicker to where I am in game. I do also have the 11th rotation finished, but I figured I can post that as I play through the 12th rotation, which is where the Realm of Magic fun will begin. ;)

I did a little redecorating at the beginning of the rotation, because Polly and Cas were still sharing a room, and I decided it was finally time to let each of them have their own.

Polly gets to keep their old childhood bedroom, which is mostly the same, except for a larger double bed, and some new sporty clutter.

Cas gets the old playroom, which is a tiny bit smaller, but he gets his own laptop to make up for it.

There is a slight problem with Cas' room, in that it is actually possible to sqeeuze past the computer to reach the bed, but then sims get stuck there, and 95% of the time, one of those sims really needs to use the toilet.

Now if I was playing with Scott I would have definitely had to fix this, but most of the time I was able to rescue the Winchesters by directing them to sit on the computer chair, and then move to the left from there.

I'm also going to have to rerrange some of the living room, eventually; the work out dance videos are perfect for Polly, but there's barely any space to do them.

I just really love that one of the sims in this workout video is a bear.

I miss the chemistry system and ACR from TS2, but you know what? Even without it, all of my couples are a little different when it comes to being affectionate, and that's really nice.

Miko and Andy like to sweetly serenade each other, Jeff and Alec like to make out in front of their kids in their underwear, and Felix and Cole like to do a combination of both.

(And then there's Zoe, who's apparently trying to join her wife as a member of the undead...)

Cas, on the other hand, would probably disagree. Less dads-making-out during breakfast would be good.

Sometimes they can be convinced to put on clothes, and having a nice little bonding session with their family...

...And then other times the kids are in bed, or at school, so it's time for half-naked shenanigans.

There's a lot less half-naked shenanigans from Cas and Polly, and a lot more goals being achieved.

Polly reached the highest rank of the scouts club this rotation, so I had her join the lifeguard career after that. 

She and Cas also completed some more school projects, with the help of Andy and Miko again.

Speaking of Miko, she tried to join Alec's super secret vampire hunter club this rotation, which I found hilarious. The "I think I have what it takes" line is just so good in this context.

I'd initially set his club up hoping that I could make the bunker a secret clubhouse, but had to scrap the idea when I realized generic lots can't be used for club meetings. Evidently, I forgot to actually delete the club, though. :P

Alec did make a few trips to his secret bunker this rotation, and one of them almost ended very poorly. I just barely managed to get a picture of it, but he crash-landed his rocket ship after one trip to space.

I was almost a thousand percent sure that the grim reaper was about to pop up, and I'd have to send Jeff over to attempt to plead for his life again, but Alec just popped out of the flaming wreckage like it was no big deal.

After that, I sent him back with Polly, so that they could rebuild the ship a little faster, and so that she could start working on building the rocket science skill for her future career.

Alec took another trip to space once the ship was finished, so Polly entertained herself with the cardboard dance mat upstairs.


Alec returned with one of the jarred space alien, so I had Polly revive it so to keep as a pet.

Aside from Polly's new lifegaurd job, I didn't really have any exciting Island plans for the Winchesters, so I threw them a little beach day in the middle of their rotation.

I only just discovered this rotation that dogs can swim in this game?? Suddenly the little shark fin life jacket made so much more sense.


I invited up Cas and Polly's boyfriend/girlfriends, as well as the rest of the Olsen clan, so that they could have a proper beach party.

Now, party invites to Sulani were broken at the time, so to achieve this I ended up making their guest list into a club, with water/bonfire-related club activities, and that worked perfectly because it got them to actually do the beach activities I wanted. 


Love, love, love the new kiss in water interaction. <3

At some point Jasper busted out his guitar for a little fireside entertainment, and the sim gods must have smiled down upon me that day, because nothing caught on fire, despite the many fire-related activities at this particular gathering.

 Also Felix was there?

He wasn't invited, but he didn't cause any trouble, so he was allowed to stay.


As the sun started to set, it was time to bust out all the pyrotechnics.


I have never used the fireworks outside of the Hijinks festival, but they were absolutely perfect for a beach party.

Cas and Jasper exchanged some promise rings in the moonlight, joining Luna and Will as the second official couple of the second generation.

If you combine their names together you get Casper, and that the most adorable and perfect couple's name for these two.


Jasper pulled out his guitar again, and then got a little too wild with it...

And Polly and Cas finished their beach day by making a little sand cowplant together.

The beach day was a blast to play, and definitely the highlight of their rotation. There wasn't too much excitement in the last few days, so I'll just cap it off with a couple of pictures:

Alec spent the rest of the rotation working on his aspiration - I have absolutely no idea why 'purchase and build a rocket' comes before 'upgrade or repair 5 objects', but that's sims logic for you.

I think at this point he just needs to max out his logic skill, and then he will have completed his second aspiration!

I really want to have Jeff beat all of the rockwall challenges, so I've been sending him to the gym whenever he's got a free moment.

I've been told that sims can die from failing the last (fire) challenge, so whenever I send him, I usually have Polly or Alec go with him.

It actually works out really well for Alec, because the gym has some chess tables (although I'm not sure if they've always been there, or if I added them myself...), so he can work on his logic skill while he's there.

Exercising his brain, if you will.

Cas still needs to reach the last rank of the scout club, which he probably could have done this rotation, but he spends a lot of time being distracted by Jasper.

As for the try-for-baby count this rotation? Three, if you count Jeff wanting to woohoo. I counted it, because I have rarely seen this whim from my other couples, but Jeff gets it about once a rotation.

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