Monday, September 9, 2019

Rotation 10: Mortis


No one died this rotation, and Liv's been making some decent money off selling bouquets at her shop, so I was able to give the Mortis' house a bit of an upgrade at the beginning of their rotation.

First, I finally finished decorating their bedroom, something which I probably should have done a long time ago.


I also gave their bathroom a little makeover, since they didn't really need the combo tub/shower now that Kunal's a teenager.

And speaking of Kunal, he finally got a fully decked out bedroom, after having no room as a toddler, and a very bare room as a child.

They had a bit more money left over, so I added a flower bench to their shop so that Liv could craft some extra bouquets, while Kunal and Zoe handled the sales.

I've also expanded their stock, so they now sell honey, frogs, and honey/coconut cakes along with the flower bouquets.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the shop once Zoe and Liv retire, I might just sell it when Kunal become an adult, since I want to do some jungle adventuring with him instead.

Liv's also expanded her garden by growing a cowplant, because she's finally reached the last tier of her botanist aspiration, and needs to grow one to complete it.

Kunal, meanwhile, is slowly working on finishing the angling ace aspiraiton before he becomes an adult, and at that point I'll switch him over to the archeology one.

I have only recently discovered that San Myshuno does, in fact, have a fishing spot, and this probably would have been helpful to know back when Scott was still living here.

Zoe's been working on her wellness skill, because with Lilith out of the rotations, I want someone to be able to teleport to the secret locations.

And speaking of that, you do actually need to visit them to be able to teleport there, so I sent Liv and Kunal off to explore the Sylvan Glade for the first time.

It's very beautiful, but there's not exactly a lot to do there other than fish, haha. I think you can use a cheat to edit the lot, so I maaaay have to do a little editing to add another activity to it, or something.

Add in some of the Romantic Gardens items/wishing well, maybe.

They have a nice little family dinner together upon returning home, and Kunal finishes up some homework.

And then I took them over to the store, where some rando townies were having a fight outside. Lovely.

Inside the shop, Cole had decided to stop by, so the family bonding vibes were back for a bit.

Unrelated, but I like that part of running a business in 4 includes cleaning the bakery display cases after a while.

I didn't play around a lot with the business in ts2, other than running salons to give makeovers to the townies, so it's hard for me to compare the two games, but so far I find the businesses more enjoyable to run in 4, especially the vet clinics.

Seeing Cole at the flower shop reminded me that I should probably schedule a bit more family time with the Rudolfs, so Kunal ended up taking a little trip to Sulani the next day to visit Camille.


I also tried to have him catch a fish to try out the 'bring your own fish' option from one of the food stands, and managed to forget once again that poor Kunal was a vegetarian.

Sorry, Kunal. Hopefully he'll have a bit more luck with the food in Selvadorada.

Cole also made a quick appearance at the beach, but he was more itnerested in stealing someone else's boat than hanging out with Kunal.

Liv's cowplant was full-grown by the end of their rotation, meaning that she jsut needs to max out the gardening skill, and evolve 10 excellent plants before she can finally finish it.

I haven't really been paying too much attention to Zoe's aspiration, but I should probably get her to finish at least one before she becomes an elder... I've been thinking the joke master one would be pretty easy to complete, since she's already in the comedy career track.

Finally, I had Liv give Jeff a few death flowers at the very end of the rotation, just in case he failed the climb challenge a little too hard, and needed to ward off the Grim Reaper.

Short rotation for the Mortis family, but they spent a lot of time just selling things in their shop, and that doesn't really make for super exciting pictures, haha.

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