Monday, September 9, 2019

Rotation 10: DiCarlo


The DiCarlo's rotation got off to a very unusual start, and by unusual I mean Alec Winchester waltzed into their apartment with a cupcake, and promptly went upstairs.


After that he rummaged around in Jasper's trash can, took out the garbage, did some push ups downstairs, and then joined Caleb for a quick, impromptu dance party.

Finally he went downstairs, made himself a drink at their bar, and then left. What the fuck, Alec?

Having absolutely 0 explanation for this, I was forced to come to my own conclusions:
  1. Alec wanted to do some spying on his son's boyfriend
  2. Alec needed an excuse to be in the Uptown district, so he bought himself a cupcake
  3. Alec entered the apartment, and made a beeline for Jasper's room
  4. Alec went through Jasper's garbage (what were you looking for, Alec???)
  5. Alec found nothing, so he attempted to take out the garbage to cover up his failed spy mission
  6. Alec did a few push ups so that he'd be ready to fight if anyone confronted him, but no one did so this was a waste of time.
  7. Alec remembered his husbro's advice about cooling down after a work out, so he joins Caleb for a quick dance party to do so.
  8. Alec thinks that overall, this was a job well done, so he goes downstairs to make himself a quick drink before leaving.
Anyways, that's my best guess. 

Meanwhile, Carlotta gave absolutely 0 fucks.

Jasper, on the other hand, was going through a bit of a rough patch. He entered a new distant phase, which gave him this moodlet whenever he was around the adults.

And can you really blame him? His parents are dead, and he lives with his sort-of aunt, who is a literal monster and rolls up whims to be mean to him just because.

He does have Cas, at least, who shows up to the apartment on an almost daily basis.

Also, Polly, who also likes to invite herself over to the apartment, just not as often as her brother does.

Polly and Jasper are a weird pair, but it's cute that they're friends. At the moment my plan is to keep Polly and Cas together as adults, so it's nice she's already on good terms with her future brother-in-law.

Carlotta, on the other hand, continues to collect enemies.

I hadn't really been paying attention to her relationship panel, because basically everyone hates her, but then I checked Lilith's panel, and realized they kind of hate each other??

Now, you all probably know that I am Not Good with conflict. Alec almost dying? haha restart. Carlotta almost breaking Jeff and Alec up with a forged letter? lol no thanks restart. Zoe dying? okay only because I now have a magical wishing well to make it all better again.

So, I had Lilith criticize Carlotta's woohoo techniques, because honestly, Lilith deserves better.

Carlotta was offended by this.

She then immediately rolled up a whim to be mean back to Lilith though, so I knew that I had made the right decision.

They went back and forth for a bit, before I finally went in for the 'divorce' option. I can't remember which of them initiated, but I think it was Carlotta.

Either way, Caleb and Lilith seemed very broken up by this and Carlotta... pulled out her phone to dick around on the internet for a few seconds.

Then she drank Lilith's plasma just for shits and giggles, and took a selfie to commemorate the moment. It was, apparently, a 'cute' selfie, and she gained 12 followers for it.

Upon waking up, I had Caleb and Lilith move out of the apartment, because again, they deserve better. I moved them to one of the other fancy apartments in Uptown, so they should pop up again from time to time.

Cas, with his amazing sense of timing shows up to the apartment to make Jasper's Day '200% more awesome'.

Not sure that witnessing a messy divorce counts as awesome, but it's it's the thought that counts.

I wasn't quite done having Carlotta be terrible though, so I had her trash talk Jasper to Cas, just because I felt that it would be appropriate for Cas to also hate her.

Jasper was in the room, and was extremely displeased to overhear it.

To make up for it they woohoo 'mess around' in Carlotta's bed, which would be a good bit of revenge, except Carlotta never actually sleeps in it due to the fact that she can only sleep in coffins.

Carlotta gets them back by sampling a bit of Cas' plasma next, and he is apparently very delicious.

Having caused a satisfactory amount of conflict for one day, Carlotta caps off the night by uploading a new beauty video.

Just ignore that 'favourite' is misspelled; Carlotta doesn't have time to for spelling.

Her video boosts her up to 'proper celebrity' status, and I gave her a few more perks.

The next day Carlotta is feeling """sad""" about her divorce, so I sent her off to the spa for a little self care. 

As Carlotta got her massages, Andy wnadered into the sauna, and managed to piss off both Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab.

Carlotta wanders downstairs for a bit of yoga after that, and gets photographed by some paparazzi.

Back at the apartment, Jasper is having a pool day with his boyfriend.

For some reason, Cas has this thing about drinking milk whenever he comes over for a visit. Please note that the empty glass beside him was also previously a glass of milk, and that he helped himself to another one after finishing it off.

Not wanting to watch Cas drink a third glass of milk in a row, I sent him and Jasper off to a club in Windenburg after that.

They don't stay very long, but they do run into Lilith while they're there, and clearly she's living her best life now that she's left Carlotta.

Carlotta is back to terrorizing random townies the next day, and Ariel clearly just does not have the time to even acknowledge it.

Jasper got a job in the lfieguard career, making him co-workers with Polly.

They're really not in need of any more money, but I thought a vampire lifeguard was very funny, and it seemed fitting that he and Polly would be bros if they worked together.

He's also picked up guitar as a hobby, because he's got a lot of free time outside of school and work, and despite Cas' best efforts, he can't always be there to entertain him.

Jasper's also got the ability to patrol for safety now, which means he can guard the pool downstairs.

Lilith calls to congratulate Jasper on his new job, which is very sweet.

Cas also calls Jasper the next day, because he can't get him off his mind 'lately' (more like all of the time from what I've seen, but okay.)

It's a Saturday, and Jasper doesn't really have anything else going on, so I happily sent them out for breakfast, even though Jasper doesn't actually need to eat.

They arrived at the restaurant, and I spotted a few familiar faces inside the restaurant...

Jeff actually left the restaurant to go for a quick jog, but he came back once they were about to be seated.

Jasper and Cas were seated in the corner, and the Winchesters were seated a little further away.

Not quite far enough to stop Alec from spying on them, though.

Hi, Alec.

Cas gets up from the table, and Alec realizes he should at least pretend like he's there to have a nice meal with his family, so he gives Jeff a quick smooch.

Cas is still missing from the table, so Jasper places an order for the both of them when the waitress comes by.

Cas then returns back to the table with someone else's food, and manages to finish it off before their own food was brought out.

Now n retrospect I realize this was a glitch, and thankfully it's been patched out, but it was pretty hilarious watching it go down the first time. From my perspective, it just looked like Cas was trying really hard to impress bad boi Jasper:

"Oh, so you like bad boys? Please ignore my two dads blatantly spying on us two tables away, and watch as I steal and eat someone else's food."

All jokes aside, it was actually really cute seeing the Winchesters out having breakfast together, and Jeff and Alec flirting together throughout most of it.

It really made the whole date feel like they had decided to go out for breakfast as family, but let Cas have his own ~big boy table~ so that he could take his boyfriend on a cute lil date, and Jeff and Alec could then supervise it from afar.

Extremely wholesome, 10/10 game experience, minus the plate-stealing.

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