Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rotation 9: Talbot


With the addition of Island Living to my sims collection (along with StrangerVille, and Jungle Adventures, and Moschino Stuff...) I was finally able to make Persephone into the mermaid I've always intended her to be.

I'm super fucking pumped about the addition of mermaids, because I never had them in ts2! I'm also super stoked for witches/spellcasters in Realm of Magic, and you can bet your plumbobs I'll be pre-ordering that baby.

Mars seems pretty fucking stoked about this new change, too, judging by this face I caught him making.

The big change Scott gets this rotation, on the other hand is... not quite as nice.


Scott, my poor dumb baby boy, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize the 'ask to just be friends' was a much nicer version of the break up option, so I caused him a little more heartbreak than necessary. :(

It's okay though, because he will find love again! A much better love than Eugene, to be entirely honest. Eugene's a stubborn little shit, and Scott deserves better (even if he is a sloppy were-vamp that constantly poops himself.)

Eugene gets the worst change of the three, though, because I ended up banishing him to the naughty ghost shipwreck with Isobel.

It turns out vampire ghosts just aren't as fun to play, especially when you don't give them sunlight immunity so they can't actually go outside during the day. I'm planning on splitting Persephone and Scott up for rotation 10, so they can explore different paths, but I really didn't know what to do with Eugene, so I thought it would just be best to cut him out.

He gets a cool pirate coat for his troubles, at least. He needed to look the part.

Luckily for Scott, he's still got his best friend Mars to cheer him up until he finds somebody to love.

Persephone doesn't have a loyal idiot dog to hug, but hey, she can converse with fish now, so that's something.

Moving on with my changes for this household, this Persephone is actually a new sim, because remaking her as a mermaid was easier than changing her from one lifestate to another.

She's restarted on her Computer Whiz aspiration, and since you actually need to advance through the tech career to complete it, she'll be doing that career before switching over to the criminal one. I did transfer over her programming and handiness skills, so that's the only advantage she's kept.

Scott's also switching careers this rotation - he quit the detective career for the part time fishing job, and he'll be picking up some of the odd jobs from time to time. I love that they added these in, because they're exactly the type of work I'd imagine Scott would do.

I picked Diego's request because it was entertaining, and also because Scott is like a big teddy bear; he'd be an excellent wingman.

I'm not sure that Scott is what you'd call cool (unless pooping yourself multiple times is considered cool nowadays), but he did a good job.

Scott's still working on the outdoor enthusiast aspiration, but I think I might have him try to complete all of the nature aspirations, because it'd be fun to make him the ultimate nature man.


I was gonna make fun of him for the way he reads books, but he stopped halfway through to giggle because Mars walked by, and it was just too wholesome to laugh at.

You know what's not wholesome, though? Scott pooping himself yet again. I've lost count of how many times he's pooped himself at this point. If someone wants to go back through and give me an up to date "Scott shits his pants" counter, be my guest.


Scott dumps his shitty load of laundry in the machine, and then heads off to work, leaving a slightly less dirty pile of clothing behind him.

Poor Persephone is left to clean the bathtub, mostly because she needed to use it next.

She also has to stop and fix one of the laundry machines, and Mars immediately wakes up from his nap to eat the pile of trash that appears.

He's such a garbage dog. I love him.

They're both idiots, but they're adorable idiots. <3

Mars then wanders upstairs to drink some water off Persephone's kitchen floor, and then does a little exploring out near the docks.

Scott finds some birds, Mars finds some fish...

And then Scott finds this trash plant, and I kid you not, he spends four fucking hours autonomously researching and studying this stupid plant. He was absolutely fascinated by it.

Scott spent so looking studying it that Mars fell asleep in his pile of fish.

I finally sent him back home after he - you guessed it - pooped himself again.

Persephone was in serious need of a break after several days of putting up with Scott, so I sent her out to San Myshuno for a day to herself at Geekcon.

She didn't manage to pass the gaming tournament, but she did beat Andy in the programming contest, which was a surprise because I'm pretty sure Andy's maxed out her programming skill.

Either way, good job Persephone! I'm glad someone in this household still has some braincells.

Speaking of braincells, when Persephone arrived back home I found Scott stranded outside the house again, trapped by fencing so low it doesn't even reach his knees.

Nice one, Scott.

After rescuing him from the front yard I sent him off to do another odd job.


The laundry machines are constantly breaking in this house (maybe because Scott keeps putting loads of poopy laundry in them), but it's good for Persephone, who still needs to get her handiness up to 10 before she can start her grand bank heist.

It's also great for Mars, who gets to lap up the puddles and eat the trash left behind from repairing the machines.

Scott takes a little adventure towards the end of the rotation, because he needed some frogs to breed for one of the nature aspiration. He starts out in Oasis Springs...

And somehow, he winds up in Willow Creek in a towel and rollerblades. I honestly don't remember how this happened; it's been a while since I played this rotation.

I do remember that as I watched him skate around in his fluffy white towel, I kept thinking "wow, that would end so badly if he slipped and fell, everyone would be able to see up his towel"...

And then this happened, and it was infinitely worse.

Poor Miko, oh my god. I felt bad, but I was also laughing really hard.

Scott's towel privileges were quickly revoked, and I sent him to introduce himself to Miko the proper way once he was fully dressed. They actually got along quite well, thanks to Miko's super friendly friendly.

Miko leaves, and Scott wandered over to the gym to do a little bit of working out, and maybe make some new friends. His only friends were Persephone (barely), and Mars at this point, so I thought some socializing would be good for him.

Socializing that didn't stem from accidentally flashing a woman, anyways. I'm guessing he showered at the gym lot and that was how he ended up in the towel in the first place.

Scott, however, is a disaster that can't be left to his own devices for more than a minute, as proven by the fact that he chose to wander over this this group of sims and fart.

Carlotta definitely deserved that, but Hanna? Come on, Scott.

Scott's socialization priveledges were revoked after that, so he just returned to Brindleton Bay to go for a jog with his dog.

He can be trusted with that, at least.

He apparently can't be trusted to walk out his own front door, though, because the next morning he manages to step in a pile of dog poop. I didn't even know that was possible. \

Poor Scott, man. He's really had a rough time this rotation, from the break up, to the poop incidents, and the roller rink mishap.

Also, missing out on Love Day, which I'd ignored for both Scott and Persephone because they're both extremely single at the moment.

Persephone had a fairly quiet rotation; I spent a lot of time following Scott around (because again, he can't be trusted to do anything by himself for more than a minute), so she spent a lot of her free time working away at her aspiration.

She managed to get back up to the second level of that, and I think she's somewhere around the third level of the tech guru career.

Now rotation 10 is where I made a bunch of other changes to my save, including moving the Rudolfs, and splitting Persephone and Scott so that I could devote some more time to their different hobbies/goals. I've written up a new stat post for my neighbours, which can be found under the banner at the top of my blog, or by following this link!

This will be kept up to date, so you can check back any time you need a refresher on traits, aspirations, and careers for my Paraneighbours. :)

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