Friday, August 23, 2019

Rotation 9: Mortis


Since I took Kunal and Camille on a week-long family vacation last rotation, their grades in school are absolute garbage, so he spent a lot of time this rotation trying to play catch up.

I also finally went ahead and had Liv open a flower shop, making it the first official business of the Paraneighbours save.

Poor Alec's never gonna open that restaurant, but he got a loving husband, dog, and two weird alien kids instead so I think that's still a pretty good deal.

I had her prepare a couple of arrangements on her crafting table, then sent her off for her first day of business.

Felix and Andy are her first customers, along with this jersey-wearing grandma.

She spends most of the work day making a sale to these three, because it takes a considerable amount of interactions to get them to buy the flowers. They all bought something though, so at least it was a successful work day.

I also checked another thing off their to-do list this rotation by finally throwing these two a wedding.

I wanted to do it back in their fall rotation, but then Zoe went and died, and I figured it'd just be best to wait for some good weather in the Spring.

I thought this garden venue Maxis made to promote the Romantic Gardens pack would be a really nice place to hold their wedding, and it was, until everyone decided it would be a great time to hop in the fountain.

First, I had to shoo the fishing club members away, which was fairly easy to do with MCCC, but then Kunal and Cole hopped in, and I jsut kind of had to shoot the wedding pictures around them.

Camille cooperated, at least.

Felix whipped out his violin after the wedding to play them a little song, which was actually very cute.

Liv had work the next day, and Kunal had school, so Zoe had a day to herself in the backyard.

Leaving her home alone was a mistake.

Liv had a couple of death flowers in her inventory, thankfully, so I sent her home from work early, and managed to spare Zoe from death by drowning a second time.

Her second resurrection looked pretty cool, though.

At this point I had a sudden, brilliant realization. They had the Grim Reaper on their lot, and Cole's last aspiration goal was to have a conversation about grilled cheese with the Reaper.

I had Liv strike up a conversation with him, saved in the middle of the interaction in hopes that it would keep Grim on the lot, and then quickly switched over to Cole.

Liv and Grim weren't outside when I sent Cole over, which concerned me, but then I spotted him through the front door, and everything was smooth sailing from there.

Cole finished his aspiration, meaning that I can now have him work on the painting one in his own rotation.  I sent him back home, and then switched back over to the Mortis family.

Liv and Cole are a little younger than the rest of the paraneighbours, but since I turned aging on for everyone after they'd moved in, they're both going to be aging up to adults this rotation.

Zoe's lifespan was actually thrown off by her two premature deaths - both resurrections reset her age, so I just manually aged her up along with Liv.

They made another trip to flower shop towards the end of the rotation. This time I made sure to send Zoe with Liv, so that they could both talk to the customers, and hopefully make a few more sales that way.

I kind of wish the devs would bar celebrities from showing up to certain lots entirely - it's pretty annoying when you're trying to run a business, and then a celebrity shows up, followed by the paparazzi.

She looked a little annoyed by Kunal's presence in the shop, but she did agree to sign an autograph for him.

I also wanted to age Kunal and Camille up this rotation, so Kunal spent his weekend finishing off the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

He hasn't made a ton of progress in scouts, but he'll have more time to work on that as a teenager.

I gave him the 'loves outdoors' trait to go with his vegetarian one, and for now he'll be working on the angling ace aspiration from the nature section.

I think I'm going to eventually switch him over to knowledge, and have him work on the archaeology aspiration. I was going to give that one to Cas, but let's just say there's been a change of plans with Realm of Magic coming out a lot sooner than I expected...

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