Friday, May 31, 2019

Rotation 7: Olsen

While I was taking pictures for Liv/Zoe and Felix/Cole, I also took a little family photo for Andy with the kids.

Jeff and Alec have one of the twins, too, but I couldn't find the picture when I was writing their update, so I may have deleted it by mistake. I'll have to get one next time!

The full-sized picture is a little heavily edited, because they didn't have super nice weather and I kinda had to fake some sunny lighting. But hey, at least it looks good in-game!  

Andy starts off the rotation with some extremely questionable kitchen safety.

?? Excuse me ??

Andy took another trip to Sixam this rotation, to collect the last of the supplies she needed to finish her serum collection.

I was also hoping to have her harvest the plants, but I haven't been able to harvest them since installing Seasons. :/

I've noticed that whenever Andy takes a trip to Sixam, she seems to get abducted when she gets home from work. I'm pretty sure the scientist career gives your sims a higher chance of being abducted, but the amount of abductions I've been getting with this family in my past few rotations has been insane.

She was successfully able to complete her serum collection in the first few days, although she may have had a little help from the gallery when it came to getting the alien plants (and a deathflower.)

I feel like using the gallery for the harvestables was fair game, since they seem to be broken as of Seasons, and one of my sim families did get a deathflower the legitimate way later on this rotation, so I think I deserve a pass here. ;) I'll go and have Andy steal a deathflower from them once it's bloomed to make up for it.

Ariel joined the drama club this rotation, and while it takes a considerable amount of effort to get the scouting badges, I find the drama club to be the more challenging activity of the two.

For one thing, the club meets 30 minutes after school, so by the time Ariel make it into the house to get a snack or use the bathroom, she's already late for her meeting! She also has to memorize lines to increase her performance bar, and that's a little tricky to find time for once she's finished school, her meeting, taking care of all her needs and doing her homework.

It is realistic, I guess, which is the main reason why I didn't do any after school activities when I was in high school, and just went straight home to play some sims. :P

I have fame turned on for Ariel, since I want to do the acting career with her, so she got a few fame opportunities from drama club this rotation.

I went with 'sing a song' for this one, and I think it gave her a little bit of fame, but not enough to actually do anything, sadly. 

I've also been working away at her aspiration goals, although they're less of a priority since I'm not concerned about having her complete more than aspiration.

And look at this delightful little macaroni rainbow she made! Soon she'll be spray painting some gay propaganda onto the sidewalk just like her moms.

Luna has completed her whiz kid aspiration at this point, and since she's aging up this rotation I didn't even bother assigning her a second one.

?? Who are these shitty kids that keep terrorizing my little parababies?? Why does everyone at their school suck so much??

Obviously I chose the first option.

Andy started a fire at work one day, and I discovered that you can actually use the freeze ray to put them out. Unfortunately, I also discovered that there are even more routing issues with fires, and she wasn't able to put this crystal that caught on fire out until the fire spread to the floor next to it.

I almost just exited without saving again, because she would have been stuck at work unless it got put out, but thankfully it didn't come down to that.

They got the free dinner event this rotation, so I sent them out to Planet Honey Pop (which I had just recently finished making over) for some karaoke and drinks.


These two pictures have the same energy.

Back at home, this vampire bitch glitched out, and kept walking in and out of their house in circles for a good hour. No idea what happened, but she left after a while and I have not had the same thing happen since.

I also had this pile of clothing get glitched - they couldn't interact with it in any way, and buy mode wouldn't let me delete it, but that was solved by reloading the lot.

Kitty brought them a little gift this rotation! I was a little surprised, since you can't send pets out to hunt in San Myshuno. Maybe they've changed something with a recent patch, I'm not sure. Either way it was a nice surprise.

Miko needs one of her children to earn three positive character values, so I've been focusing on building Ariel's.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that my sim kids have pretty varied values so far, but I've definitely found that manners and responsibility seem to be the two easiest ones to earn. Emotional control, empathy, and conflict resolution are kind of a toss up, so that's where my sim kinds tend to vary the most.

I also discovered that you can actually influence some of the values by having parents teach kids things like saying sorry, or saying please/thank you, but there doesn't seem to be a lesson for all of the values, so I'm still kinda trying to figure out what the best interactions are to build certain one.

Luna celebrated her birthday towards the end of the rotation, and I picked soulmate for her aspiration, and genius as her second trait (with cat lover being her first).

I considered giving her the animal aspiration, but soulmate's a pretty quick and easy one to do, so I can always give it to her later.

I do still want to try running a vet clinic with her, so I bought her one of the crafting tables to start working on her veterinary skill.

Also she is so gorgeous, I just love how she turned out. <3

She doesn't have a high enough skill (or enough space in the house) to treat Kitty yet, so she does end up taking a trip to the clinic this rotation.

There, she runs into my simself and my dumbass cat, who I have finally added to my save now that EA has added in those new freelancing careers. I don't actually plan on playing her, because I'd rather be doing my freelance work in real life for real dollars, but it'll be nice seeing if she gets up to any stupid background shenanigans.

Also, I own that exact outfit in real life, and I am stupidly proud of being able to recreate it perfectly in the sims.

Back at home, I finally went ahead and bought Andy a rocket, so that she could do a little space travel without me needing to go to work with her.

I don't think I'll have her do the space missions - I've been thinking of doing the astronaut career with one of the twins, and it would probably be best to save those for them), but I will have her install a wormhole generator on it eventually, so that she can travel there whenever I feel like it.

Luna and Ariel got some projects to work on, and I was surprised to discover that even if you work carefully on a project it doesn't guarentee that they'll make the highest quality one?

I was really stoked that Ariel got the solar system project, because I had these projects converted as deco for TS2, and it was by far my favourite one, but sadly she only managed to create a decent quality one. I'll have to cross my fingers and hope that one of my other kids gets it - it'd be amazing if one of the twins did.

Luna also created a decent quality bridge for hers, and now I'm not sure how she managed got the excellent quality project as a child...

Another fame opportunity for Ariel. I chose the second option, and got her booted out of drama club, so I had to have her rejoin and start all over again. 

Luna please, no, you're gorgeous.

I went with the second option because a) you know those rude little shits at school are going to say something, they're so fucking rude and b) telling a teenager they're overreacting never works out well, lol.

Now that Luna's a teenager, I had two sims in mind as her potential love interests - Will and Elizabeth Hendrick - but I couldn't decide which of them she should date.

I ended up playing a little rotation for their family, and invited Luna over to see if she'd favour one of them over the other.

Will tried to impress her right off the bat by taking a picture of him flexing, and then showing it to Luna. I feel like taking a muscle picture while fully clothed kinda defeats the purpose, but you do you, Will.

I then sent them off to Plant Honey Pop for a bit...

...where Will seemed to be winning Luna's affections.

I let him do a karaoke duet with her as a reward, and at this point I'd settled on having her date Will. They're just so cute together!

They order some food and drinks from the bar, and Scott cheerfully bounces in with Mars in tow. Mars immediately takes a nap on the floor, and I'm surprised Scott doesn't join him.

I played a little more of the Hendricks - fixed up their living room a little, let Hanna and Jess actually make some progress on their careers and aspirations, and then Will wanted to know if he should invite Luna over after school, so obviously I said yes.

They weren't quite close enough to initiate any flirting - at least, not without it being rejected, but I also able to have Will give her a key at the end of their mini rotation. Although in retrospect, I'm not actually sure why I did that, considering it wouldn't do much unless I was playing his family...

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