Monday, March 9, 2020

The Paraverse: Rotation 1.1

Welcome to the Paraverse! A new spin off series in the Paraneighbours Simematic Universe, or PSU, if you will. (I kid.)

With all of the new game play we got in the last year - like university, and three (!) new occults - I kinda wished that I could go back and restart my Paraneighbours save, so that I could incorporate some of the new gameplay from the beginning.

Since my original neighbours nearing elderhood in my main save, I thought it might be fun to stick some clean versions of them in a new, 'alternate universe' save, and try playing them through university - which was how I used to start all of my rotational, prosperity-style saves back in TS2.

It's like my own version of San Junipero - a way to keep playing all my favourite gay sims, without actually having to say goodbye to them after they pass away in the main save...

Andy is the first household in the new save, since she was the sim who started it all. I've given everyone a bit of wardrobe update - partially because I want to differentiate them from their original selves just a little, and partially because we've jsut gotten a lot of nice clothing items this last year.

I decided to stick her in one of the fashion district apartments - the one with the body outline hidden under one of the rugs. She has the TLC lot trait, along with fast internet and science lair.

I didn't really make any changes to Andy's personality or aspiration itself - she's still a cheerful, geeky genius, whose first aspiration will be to become a city native. I'm not sure that I want to play through StrangerVille with her again, so I'll probably pick something new for her after she finishes this one. 

The welcome wagon arrived shortly after I moved Andy in, and I was delighted to see that Miko Olsen was one of the sims who came to see Andy.

I'm not super fussed about making sure that everyone gets back together with their original partners - with the exception of Jeff and Alec - but Andy and Miko seem to be a good match in my other save, so for the moment I'm taking this as a sign that they're meant to be together.

Since I've been playing Andy in the main save for so long, I kiiiinda forgot that some sims will get really mad about meeting aliens? So poor Andy marched out to greet her new friends, and immediately pissed them all off by being an alien.


She was able to calm Miko down by discussing her mood, and Miko looked a little embarrassed about getting upset in the first place.

They had a little chat on Andy's living room couch (while everyone else ignored them), and then I had Andy give Miko an apartment key to fulfill one of her first aspiration goals before everyone took off.

Once they all left, I had Andy start working on some skills, the first of which ended up being programming.

In addition to working her way through the city native goals, I also want Andy to learn all of the food stall recipes, so I decided to have her eat her meals from one of the stands whenever she can.

Watching her learn how to use chopsticks is so cute. <3

At one point during her food journey I caught her holding a fork like this, so I guess chopsticks aren't the only utensil she's still learning how to use. ;)

The cupcakes don't count towards the recipes, but I couldn't resist buying her one anyways.


She goes back to brushing up on some skills for a bit - this time it's rocket science - and then it's time to take a trip down to the spice market for some empanadas, and a bit of karaoke.

 She encounters this one particular food stand vendor a lot.

She receives an invite the the Hijinks and Humour festival from Miko, and she's got a few aspiration goals to fulfill there, so the timing of that worked out super well.


She hit up the bubble blower first, and then attempted to set off some fireworks, but the second half of that plan blew up in her face... quite literally.

Poor Andy was forced the spent the rest of the festival looking very sooty, but hey, at least she can still enjoy some sparklers!


The next morning she takes care of some problems in her apartment, and builds a little handiness skill while she's at it.

I spotted Miko wandering around the streets outside, so I sent Andy out to have a chat, and came across a wild Jeff, too!

And yes, that is Alec stomping around like an angry bigfoot in the background.

Much like Miko, Jeff is pissed to discover that aliens exist. I was kinda hoping he'd be cool about it like he was in the main save, but he is hot-headed, so I guess it's not exactly out of character for him to get angry about it!

I tried to have her calm him down, but that angered him more, so I had her apologize instead. That went over a little better, but he didn't seem super interested in talking to her at the moment, so I decided to try introducing them again later.

Penny Pizzazz doesn't seem to be a big fan of Andy either, but that's probably because of Andy's 3am shower singing. Sorry, Penny... but Andy's gotta max out that singing skill somehow!

There's a heatwave the next day, so I sent her over to the Stargazer Lounge to take a dip in the pool.

She runs into Jeff on the streets again, and this time he seems much more willing to chat with her.

She spends the afternoon working on a mural in the art district, and I found a smoldering Liv slumping around in the background.

Let's just say I've made a couple changes to some of my original neighbours in this save...

Finally, Andy came across a protest in the uptown district, which was extremely good timing, because donating to a protester was her next aspiration goal.

After that's done, her next goal is to kiss someone at the romance festival, and thanks to some lucky timing, Andy has a chance to check that off her list this rotation.

She invites Miko to come down with her, and if things go smoothly she'll be able to score a kiss tonight.

Cole also happens to be at the festival, because of course he would.

They grab a few glasses of sakura tea together, toss a few petals around...


And after a bit of flirting, Andy gets to have her first kiss with Miko!

Only a week in, and Andy's already got the first three tiers of her aspiration done! Thankfully the last tier takes a little bit longer to complete, so she won't actually finish it for a while.

I had her apply to university at the very end of the week, so next rotation she'll be starting a distinguished Physics degree at Foxbury. She didn't manage to snag any of the skill-related scholarships just yet, but she did the San Myshuno resident one, so at least she'll have a little extra cash going towards her classes.

Next up is Jeff and Alec!

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