Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Rotation 11: Irving


Starting off the rotation with a small makeover to Persephone's living room. I feel like Moschino is another controversial stuff pack, but I actually quite like it. The build/buy stuff is really nice, and while the CAS is a little lacking, I like and use most of it. I feel like it's particularly good for quirky, high fashion celebrities.

Plus, the freelance photographer career looks pretty cool, although I have yet to actually play with it! Saving that for a certain sim down the road. ;)

Anyways, onto the gameplay! The rotation kicked off with the random skilling holiday, so I had Persephone start on the DJing skill.

Once she's levelled up in that, she hops on her computer for a bit to knock a few more hours off her 'spend 100 hours on the computer' requirement.

I think at this point she'd reached a high enough level in the tech guru career to meet all her aspiration requirements, so I decided to switch her over to the freelance programmer career for a bit to give that a try.

There's so many careers that would be great for Persephone - criminal, tech, programming, and now computer engineering - that I'm probably going to end up playing through a few of them with her.

It'd be really nice if you could have a sim take a second job in addition to the freelance ones, because I'd love to be able to have Persephone do some of these sidejobs in her spare time while she's in another career.

Since that's not possible yet (at least, not without mods), I'll have to get a little creative with giving Persephone my own sidejobs, like the bank heist I promised when I first introduced her!

She's joined by her drone companion, Wall-i, who will record the heist for her.

The first floor of the bank was completed empty, which was a little disappointing. I did set it as a club hang out for my detective and criminal sims, but only the crooks club showed up, and they all hung out upstairs where there were computers for them to hack.

I'm hoping that I just forgot to set this as the hangout spot for the detectives, and that was why they didn't show...

She didn't have any trouble hacking the vault, which was good, because I hadn't actually considered what I was going to do if she got electrocuted and died.

She steals 15,000 of Carlotta's simoleons, which isn't quite enough for a new apartment or anything, but I wanted to start small for her first heist. Stealing enough to afford a fancy 100k apartment seemed like it would have been a little too cheat-y. :P

In addition to the 15k, she gets a few moodlets for her efforts. I love the 'hopefully nobody saw her' in the second one... she livestreamed the whole thing! :P

With her financial needs taken care of for the time being, it's time for Persephone to hit up the bar for alien night again, because she'd forgotten all of them by the time I'd gotten back around to playing her.

She runs into purple-haired girl again, as well as the blue-haired gal from Sixam last rotation.

Blue-haired alien gal - whose name is Aquila - is the one I'm after, so I have Persephone impress her with a few questionable dance moves. This works, somehow.

Persephone wasn't able to stay out too long, so once I had her run through a couple of interactions with Aquila I sent her home for food and sleep.

I'm glad DU added instant noodles to the microwave, because Persephone definitely strikes me as the type of person who would live off of those.

She gets a much fancier supper the next night, when she inites Aquila out to Shimizu. I had her sing a little siren song to Aquila to help set the mood for the date, and then had them seated at one of the outdoor tables.

Inside the restaurant, Alec appears to have enjoyed his last visit so much that he's taken Jeff back for a another dinner date. How cute. :)

The siren song definitely helped - Aquila was very receptive to all of Persephone's flirts.

Aquila left the restaurant after the date was over, but I had Persephone invite her back once she got home.

There, I discovered that the mermaid's kiss interaction actually has a different animation on land, and it's very cute. :)

The power goes out, which cuts their romantic evening short, and Aquila doesn't end up staying the night.

It was probably for the best, because when Persephone wakes up the next morning the gremlins have struck again, and all the appliances and electronics in her apartment are broken.

She spends the rest of the day fixing up her apartment, and takes on another programming job once she's done that. I think she's still working on spending 100 hours on the computer, so the freelance jobs are very helpful in that area.

On the last day of her rotation it's time for the Romance festival, so she invites Aquila to join her there.

Persephone asks Aquila to be her girlfriend, and she agrees, so they take a selfie to commemorate the moment.

Aquila is my aspiring photographer, so I'll definitely be moving her in with Persephone eventually, but I haven't quite decided when I should do that. I'm debating sending Persephone to Foxbury for robotics, so in that case I'd like to wait until after she's finished her degree to move her in.

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