Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rotation 7: Talbot

The last update of rotation 7! According to the timestamp on these screenshots, I took these back in April, so hopefully I still remember most of the context behind these pictures...

The first two don't require much context, thankfully; just Mars and Scott being good boys. :)

I made another new discovery at the start of this rotation when I clicked on the mirror, and saw that Eugene had this fun option to flirt with his reflection.

And, something that I forgot to include in the last update - Persephone's sparkly mermaid pants actually give her a confident moodlet most of the time!

I can see why these are supposed to be an unlockable item now...

(Also does anyone know what that icon is supposed to be? It looks like a hang glider but that doesn't really make any sense??)

To cap off the 'Heather Discovers New Things' section of this update, Eugene and Persephone also have this amusing social interaction from the both of them being in the criminal career track.

Speaking of crime, Scott sets out to catch another suspect, and my game is back to loading just the suspect in APB scenarios. :(

I was going to say Scott's dumb, but not dumb enough to require that level of assistance, but you know what? Scott is that dumb.

Luckily, the interrogation phase of making an arrest works much better, and look, there's a whole menu of suitable options for simple, good boy Scott!

Obviously I went with 'promise tasty meal'. If Scott had a candy bar to offer, Scott would have already eaten it by now.

Back at home, Persephone has misplaced all of the brain cells, and decided to run the dryer without emptying the lint trap first. Thank you, Persephone.

Scott, Eugene, and this random townie run in to freak out about the fire. Scott does not remember that he just put out a fire in Cole and Felix's apartment, and Persephone is forced to put herself out.

Thank boolprop that's actually an option in this game. If this were ts2, all these idiots would be dead.

With the fire put out, Persephone heads off to bed, Eugene does... something, and Scott heads out to the dog park with Mars to go find a few collectibles.

Scott had the same reaction that I did upon seeing Mars run around with a little present in his mouth.

Absolutely delightful. <3 <3


I came up with a hobby for Eugene, which is recording dumb conspiracy rants whenever he gets angry.

I've just added the StrangerVille pack to my game with the sale we had in June, so I'll be swapping out his jealously trait with the paranoia one once I get around to their next rotation (which will be 9 for me.)

Like with Felix and Cole, Harvestfest isn't super exciting for this household either. Persephone makes herself an entire ham to eat, and I did not let Scott have any, because I was afraid he'd find a way to poop himself a third time if I did.

Jeff and Alec managed to score themselves some holiday ham though, after they showed up uninvited to the apartment.

I'm going to guess that random townie in the background also helped herself at some point. I think all the random townie visitors they get come up after Eugene and Scott drink their plasma. Carlotta doesn't seem to have that problem with her victims, but then again - she's Carlotta.

Mars also has a visitor, and it's this little mouse. <3

Persephone pays the least attention to Mars, but she does get roped into taking him out for walks when Scott's at work.

I haven't risked letting Eugene take him out, because the game's kind of iffy with vampires going out during the daytime hours. I've had vampires go out when it was fully dark, and they still started to burn because technically the game doesn't count that as night until the clock hits a certain time.

It was thundering during this particular run, and Persephone was not pleased about it. For what it's worth, Mars didn't seem to mind the storm at all.

They managed to get the fight day holiday again (two rotations in a row!), and Persephone challenged Jeff to another match.

She won the first match, but Jeff does not give up that easily - he ended up coming back and challenging her to a rematch of his own, while Alec watched from the sidelines.

Jeff won the second round, and I made sure to include Alec's thought bubble, because I thought it was cute that he was cheering for his husband.

Out on the streets, Eugene ran into Carlotta, and I discovered he was actually a fan of hers?

Leave it to Eugene to have terrible taste in celebrities. I think it's because his reputation is just as awful as hers. Sims really aren't a fan of being used for their plasma.

He got a signed picture, and a selfie with her, and Carlotta must have been enjoying actually having a fan, because she stuck around to have an actual conversation with him after.

I like that it looks like the vendor is smiling for the picture, too.

Scott needed to work on his outdoor enthusiast aspiration, so I ended up sending them all on a little camping adventure at the end of the rotation.

Most of the pictures I took of their rotation ended up being from this trip, which is why there aren't as many at the beginning.

Eugene immediately disappeared into one of the tents to hide from the sun, but also to cry because he was sad, and Persephone decided to try her hand at some horseshoes.

Mars disappeared into one of the special bushes from Get Together, and got into a fight with a wild animal.

I quickly realized that having both these bushes and a pet on the lot was a terrible idea (I just wanted a good campground "toilet" to go with the portable showers!), but since it was a vacation lot I wasn't able to edit the lot while they were staying at it.

I also found out that sloppy sims refuse to clean up puddles on the ground. I love that the game tries to sass you about it too, like EA please, if I don't make my sim clean up this pee puddle, his dog is going to attempt to drink it.

Scott abandoned the puddle to go fishing, and I didn't really pay attention to what was happening back at the campsite, so I cannot confirm if Mars made any attempts to drink it.

The answer is probably yes, though.

After Scott catches his required fish, I sent him off to the park to do a little bug catching and plant collecting. Eugene stayed inside the building, and I set Persephone up with one of the new laptops to do some programming outside.

Since you can actually enter build mode on the park lot, I went and stuck a bathtub outside so that Scott could finally give Mars a much-needed bath.

When they return to the campsite, Scott decides that the ground outside the bathroom is the perfect place to lie down and do a little stargazing.

Please note that he is lying in garbage and pointing up at a fly.

As Scott stargazes with a pile of trash and one (1) fly, Eugene finds a fellow ghost floating around the campgrounds, and decides to scare her.

Scott comes trotting up to see what's going on, and cheerfully watches as Eugene and the other ghost argue for a bit.

Eugene's puffer fish friend friend also appears to have come out to say hi.

Angry ghost lady eventually leaves, and I had Scott attempt to cheer Eugene up, because he was feeling a little sad.

Eugene wasn't a big fan of that, but he did agree to a little bit of stargazing with Scott, this time in a much more scenic patch of grass outside their tents, and not in a pile of trash in front of a public bathroom.

Speaking of said trash pile, Mars decided that it was also the perfect place to take a nap.

Like owner like dog, I guess?

They returned to the park the next afternoon, and I discovered that Persephone's laptop, which I had forgotten on the table outside the building, was now gone. I did check their household inventory when they got back to see if it was there, but sadly it was not, so I'm guessing a townie must have stolen it.

Remember when I said I was glad sims didn't have computers that they could pick up, laptop-style? I predicted this was going to happen.

Mars, who was fighting animals in bushes at every chance he got, was starting to resemble a diseased chupacabra at this point in the vacation. I was worried that trying to take him to a vet clinic would end their vacation early, so the poor dog had to tough out the last few days.

The most I could do was have Scott give him another bath, before sending the two of them off to explore the Deep Woods for some rarer bugs.

Scott met (and drank) the hermit there, and identified some of the wild plants that he collected. I like that sims just identify wild plants by eating them, because that's exactly what Scott would do.

I think there's an achievement for having a sim eat every kind of poisonous plant; I should have Scott get that. 

Once the clock strikes eight it's safe for Eugene to come out, so he joins Scott in the Deep Woods for a romantic campfire. Scott sets the mood by first setting his arm on fire.

He gets it right eventually.

Of course, by "gets it right", I mean "gets up three seconds later to roast marshmallows". As you do.

Persephone was hungry, and the boys clearly had better things to do than flirt in front of a romantic campfire, so I had her join them to make some dinner.

She opted to sit behind Eugene, and roast her hot dog through his chest. I guess that's what ghost friends are for?

 Before they left I spotted a will o' the wisp in the trees, which I had Scott catch. 

I'm glad they included some fun fictional bugs like this one, and the dragon dragonfly in with the regular insects. The other bugs aren't super display-worthy, but I'll definitely be sticking this in their house at some point. 

While travelling with the group I discovered Jeff taking a little vacation by himself?

I had Scott stop by to check it out, which Jeff didn't seem too pleased about.

Poor Jeff. I guess he deserves a bit of a break, after dealing with the alien pregnancy, and space-travelling twins.

Granite Falls is absolutely gorgeous with seasons, even in the rain. <3

Eugene decides that this beautiful rain shower is the perfect time to strip down and wash off, and Scott watches with approval.

Carlotta interrupts to tell Eugene that she heard he's been drinking people without permission, so shame on him.

She's probably just telling him off because she doesn't want him taking victims away from her. Some for Eugene means less for Carlotta, after all.

Scott goes to get some sleep (I think his dark energy was running low, possibly because I had him in his dark form the whole time?), and Eugene had some ~plans~ for when he wakes up.


I had them get another campfire going, and directed them to cuddle once more. Persephone had enough awareness to leave the two of them alone once she was finished with her marshmallow.

It did not go well.

I don't know what is up with these two - they have a good friendly relationship, they were in good moods, Eugene had whims pinned for Scott - but they'd only make it through a few flirty interactions before Eugene would start shutting Scott down.

Maybe 'no homo' wears off after three interactions, and after that's it's gay. Who knows. Definitely not me.

I had to give them some time to cool down, because Eugene was super uncomfortable, and obviously was not going to accept any advances in that sort of mood.

I tried having them do some more friendly interactions, because the friendship score and mood are the only two factors that I can think of that would prevent these two from successfully flirting, and mood is harder to influence while they're out on a vacation.

Scott got one more goal started before the vacation ended, which was roasting up a plate of beetles.  He needs to eat two before he can reach the next level, but sadly he only managed to do one before they got sent home.

Finally, I did make a quick stop at the vet when they go back, because I didn't want to switch over to Jeff and Alec without curing Mars first.

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