Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rotation 4: Baudelaire

My new laptop arrived about a week ago, and my game has currently been running like a dream on it. Aside from restarting my legacy, I’ve also played through a few more rotations of my Paraneighbours, so back to my regular content!

I played through one day of my vampires on my old laptop before it refused to run sims any further, and the only thing I really missed getting pictures of was skill day. Carlotta and Isobel worked on writing, Lilith meditated for some wellness skill, and Caleb did… something.

Speaking of Caleb, my dear problem vampire decided to dress like this when I loaded up the game on my new laptop.

Honestly, it’s a look.

Caleb likes to autonomously do the household laundry, which would be nice, except he never cleans the lint trap. He managed to set himself on fire within 2 days of the rotation starting.

Nice going, Caleb.

He also likes to shovel the snow, just not in front of the house, or anywhere useful like that.

He tries really hard, he just manages to be thoroughly unimpressive. I can relate to that.

But, to cap off this ‘Caleb is the problem child of the vampire family’ party, here’s some pictures of him being a good boi.

(Not pictured is Caleb immediately setting his drawing tablet down on the floor like an idiot. I’m so glad sims can’t pick computers up laptop-style.)

I’ve been working on populating my save with some of my own sims, and I’ve decided to turn aging back off for townies, because if I’m going to put in the effort to replace them all I’d rather not have them die off in the span of one rotation.

Sad fisherman grandpa Geoffrey (I fixed his name in this save lol) is among them, returning from my bachelor challenge along with the rest of the contestants.

Another thing I’ve switched up this rotation is that I got rid of their ghost pets. They were starting to get on my nerves, and caring for 4 vampires on top of them was just getting to be a bit much for me.

Luckily, they still have their pet cowplant.

For now.

Found Felix sleeping outside this rotation, and remembered that I never actually gave him a bed.

Poor boi. :(

Carlotta took a trip to Oasis springs to paint a mural, as all good food critics do apparently.

So everyone in this household really likes to pop into the laundry/pantry room for a glass of milk, which is fine I guess, I too like to enjoy an occasional glass of milk for no reason.

The problem is they like to set it on Isobel’s vanity? And this causes it to float somehow? So whenever I shift up to the second floor, 50% of the time there is at least one floating glass of milk there.

Alec makes the mistake of actually leaving his apartment for once, and Carlotta swoops in for some dinner.

Carlotta does not bother with floating glasses of milk when she can drink Alec instead.

Caleb proposed to Isobel, and it went over quite well for him, actually.

I think I’m going to have them get married next rotation, and put off Carlotta and Lilith’s for a bit.

I’ve recently decided that I’d like to have Carlotta become famous, and maybe have her do a big ~celebrity wedding~, but I’ll have to wait for Get Famous to go on sale again before that can happen.

Winterfest! The vampires had a pretty low key one, since most of them can’t even do stuff like eat grand meals? I sent Carlotta off to a community lot to prepare one regardless, because most of them weren’t going to be able to complete enough traditions without it.

I tried to have them all gather around their dining table that they literally never use, but (surprisingly) Caleb and Isobel were the only ones with manners.

Since Carlotta is really my only truly evil vampire, I had her fight Father Winter for presents, just to see what would happen.

She won the fight, along with some presents. That’s my bitch. <3

Carlotta was extremely pleased with herself after her fight, meanwhile the other vampires were hilariously pissed about it.

Felix didn’t seem to have having a great Winterfest, either; he showed up looking sad on their doorstep and Lilith had to go comfort him.

I tried to have him join their vampire club, but I forgot I set a wealthy restriction, and poor Felix with his lack of both funds and a bed was not able to join.

Caleb was apparently feeling his new look a little too much.

Lilith got a promotion at work, and a new look as well! I definitely like this one more, although I still wish I could set her uniform to a leather jacket, Rosa Diaz-style.


Decided to send my vamps out clubbing for New Year’s Eve.

A lot of the neighbours were there, and Carlotta challenged Andy to a dance off. Not sure who won, but Carlotta would consider herself the winner regardless.

This was the point where I decided that it might be nice to introduce a fame aspect to my vampires. I want some fanfare when they go out. I’m not sure how reputation works in GF entirely, but if sims had a ‘fuck, it’s that bitch’ reaction whenever they see Carlotta in public, that would be great.

I didn't include these in my tumblr updates for this rotation, but I figured I'd include them here, as my Boolprop readers are more likely to recognize these ladies. ;)

Livy and I have been trading sims to help populate our saves, and while she took Jeff, Alec, Andy, and Miko, I took Lacie, Hanna, and Jess from her Hot Ladies Association.

Poor Hanna quickly joined Carlotta's pool of victims, while Lacie watched in horror.

Ending off the rotation with a goodbye to their cowplant. :(

I could always replant another seed, but I think there’s a good chance I’m going to end up moving my vamps Uptown to one of the fancy apartments, and let Liv and Zoe steal their house for more gardening space.

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