Monday, February 4, 2019

Rotation 4: Winchester

Rotation 4 of my Paraneighbours kicks off with the main event: Jeff and Alec’s wedding. Fair warning to those who read my updates here - this is a fairly picture-heavy round without a lot of captions.

It actually took place a few days in, on a Tuesday because that’s when they both had work off, but nothing of importance happened so we can skip over those days.

They had a handful of guests consisting of the other non-vampire neighbours, Cole’s secret-vampire boyfriend...

...and Carlotta, who attempted to crash the wedding (because of course she would).

For their honeymoon I sent them off on vacation to Granite Falls. I considered having them actually camp, but that seemed a bit too mean for a winter honeymoon, and renting a cabin is far more romantic, anyways.

 One thing I did not anticipate was that the cabins would not have any supplies for pets.

Luckily you can buy beds, bowls, toys, and food for pets at the ranger station, but I think I’m going to have to update some of these cabins once their vacation is over. It’s kind of dumb that you’re forced to buy it, since you can’t access your household inventory/buy mode on vacation, or stash bowls in sim inventories.

One bonus I discovered: you can actually access buy mode at the secret park lot, the one you have to go exploring to get to.

This was especially great, because their vacation coincided with Winterfest, and it would have been a super shitty holiday without any decorations, or a stove. :P


They moved into Andy and Miko’s old apartment after their vacation, and had just enough to afford it.

For the most I kept the look of the old apartment because I was fond of it. They’ve got a fancier bedroom now, with Jeff’s workout stuff relocated to its own room, another room for future hobby items, and a spare bedroom for some future babies.

I updated their lot traits, since the other households had ones that would be helpful, while Jeff and Alec had 2 negative ones. Their new trait is Chef’s Kitchen, and I kept Bracing Breezes & Haunted from their last apartment. I may eventually switch out haunted for something more useful once they have some kids.

I never gave my sims bathtubs in ts2 because showers were just so much faster, but man do I love these corner tubs. They look fancy, and having the spa day baths actually gives me some initiative to use them now. 

One of the things I want to add to their apartment once they’ve got some spare cash is a woodworking table for Alec. He’s in need of a hobby that isn’t ‘making ten drinks a day’. :P

Ten drinks that he doesn’t even drink, by the way. He usually abandons them, and then Jeff swoops in because they’re free drinks, bro. Staying hydrated is very important.

They didn’t make a lot of progress on their careers this round, since they only spent about 3 days at home/going to work.

Jeff did, however, manage to top his athletic aspiration by finishing the body skill, and now Alec’s maxed his body skill thanks to all of Jeff’s mentoring for work. I gave Jeff a new family aspiration (Successful Lineage) since there weren’t any other athletic ones.

Alec’s still stuck on the same level of his aspiration, and I’m debating switching him over to the food one for a bit, since I’m pretty sure he’d finish it faster than the knowledge one he’s got now.

I didn’t have them ready when I initially photographed their apartment, but I did add their wedding pictures in with their other ones. I’m especially pleased with how the turquoise in the wedding picture coincidentally matches their living clock.

They also still have Alec’s shitty selfie, which will only be replaced when he figures out how to take a better one.

Last day of their rotation was New Year’s Eve, so they ended it with one last party.

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