Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Rotation 12: Olsen

Welcome back to another Paraneighbours update! I started a new job in December so I've been prioritizing playing over writing my updates, but I've almost finished playing my 13th rotation in-game, so I figured I should probably get around to posting some more of 12. ;)

Luna and her new husband Will make up my next group of university students, so I had them apply for schools and scholarships right at the beginning of the Olsen rotation.

After seeing that Britechester offered a ~distinguished~ degree in drama I decided I'd like to have Ariel go as well, but I'll be playing her separately in her own rotation. I felt like I wouldn't have been able to focus enough on her if I'd grouped her with Luna and Will.

Since Luna and Will were already adults, I didn't have quite as much time to prep them for their degrees, but I was able to have Will sneak in a few gardening skill points to better his chance of getting into the distinguished biology program.

Luna had good grades in high school, and a well-rounded set of skills, so I wasn't as concerned about her being able to get into the program.

So, while the other half of the household went off to their various jobs, I had Luna spend a little more time at her vet clinic.

Ariel had not moved out at this point, so I ended up bringing her to the clinic, too, and relegated her to cleaning duties.

I had one more abduction happen this rotation right before I sent Luna and Will off to university - perhaps the aliens are conducting a study about university applicants?

Anyways, Luna and Will were both accepted into Foxbury's distinguished biology degree without issue, and I think they each managed to score a scholarship. Luna's was for her high veterinary skill, and I think Will was able to snag the San Myshuno resident one.

I wanted to change up the living situations for each of my university groups, so after playing Cas & co. through the dorms, I decided to give the newly weds their own little 'rental' house in Britechester while they were in school.

In addition to their new home, they also get a new pet.

Yes, I have finally completed my collection by obtaining MFP - but I'd just like to note that I actually ended up trading some art for it, because I really don't think it's worth the $14 it costs here in Canada.

They really dropped the ball with the CAS items in the pack, but some of the furniture is cute, and I do like the new pets. Again, I don't think it's worth the full price - or even half price, really - but it was worth one hour of drawing something for a friend.

I went with the hedgehog for Will and Luna, and let it keep its default name, which is Thimble. Thimble is very cute.

Thimble was not a fan of Will, which Livy and I found hilarious, because Will's old childhood pet wasn't a big fan of him, either.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of them actually doing their school work this time around, but this one picture really sums up how 90% of their study sessions went.

They're disgustingly cute. <3

They're also extremely poor, because I went over the top with the furnishings as usual, so once they were finished their homework I sent them out to do some odd jobs so they'd have enough money for their first round of bills.

Will "Muscles" Olsen gave me a good laugh. I am positive no one but Luna would call him that.

Miko stopped by to pay them a visit, which was very cute, but they didn't really have time to hang around and chat because there was a bot contest going on at Foxbury campus and I wanted to check it out.

There wasn't a whole lot for them to do there, but Luna did meet our first servo!

As the contest finished up, Luna cleaned up the toilet paper that Jasper 'decorated' the school statue with back in his rotation.

I didn't really find a lot of good opportunities to throw parties with in my first playthrough of university, so when the weekend rolled around I decided to try having a spooky 'keg' party with Luna and Will.

Now, I know the game automatically gives your sims costumes for the party, but I was so excited by the idea of picking out a costume for each of my sims that I ended up giving everyone a custom party look for the occasion.

In my defence - the game's costume options are not super great. I don't know why they bothered dedicating the entire CAS section of the pack to costumes if sims are gonna show up in basegame uniforms as 'costumes' instead.

I really wanted Luna and Will to have some sort of cheesy couple's costume, so once I spotted this get up from Get Together I knew I had to dress Will up as her knight in shining armour.

Also? I love that they look a little bit like Romeo and Juliet.

The rest of the paraneighbour kids were invited, along with Luna's new servo friend, whose name I do not remember.

Camille looks like she's just realized she's into robots.

For the most part I tried to use the new costumes for the party guests, but I did use one of the fancy Get Famous costumes for Ariel, because that's exactly the kind of thing she'd wear to a costume party.

Polly and Morgana also got some Get Famous costumes, so that they could be warrior girlfriends.

Jasper was there too, although he didn't make it into many of the pictures. I couldn't decide on a costume for him, so I ended up going with some secret society robes. Which, uh, he technically shouldn't have until next rotation...

I snuck some extra activities into the pub when I was decorating for the party, so the upstairs portion also got a few jack-o-lantern carving stations, and a ping pong table.


They weren't super interesting in the ping pong table, but I did get a little couple's match of juice pong going with Will and Luna against Polly and Morgana.

It was fun getting them all dressed up, but I think the spooky stuff pack is another one that's not quuuite worth the price tag. I mostly bought it because I'm a bit of a completionist, haha.

They spend the rest of the weekend taking up a few more odd jobs, and are just able to afford their first bills.

Their first term comes to a close, and they both manage to get straight A's! It was definitely a lot easier to keep on top of all the projects and homework with just two sims

I didn't take many pictures during their second term, but it mostly consisted of homework, projects, and classes. It was still fun to play through, but it doesn't exactly make for interesting pictures, haha.

Thimble went on a couple of rodent adventures, seemingly whenever Will and Luna were both asleep, and was starting to amass quite the postcard collection.

Will's sister Beth also dropped by for a visit this rotation. I would have liked to have them spend more time with their families this rotation, but it was kind of tricky to find a good moment for it in between homework and classes.

To make up for it, I decided that I wanted to get everyone together to celebrate Winterfest.

My family usually does a Christmas brunch on boxing day morning, so I thought it might be fun to get the Olsens and Hendericks together in their pajamas for some Winterfest brunch.

I had Luna cook up a bunch of party-sized breakfast dishes prior to the party, because I didn't think she'd be able to use the kitchen at the party without getting kicked out. Sims are weird like that. :P

Once Luna has a few plates of breakfast food stashed away in her inventory, I sent her and Will off to the Olsen's house, which I may have pre-decorated for the occasion...

The Winchesters were invited, too, since I never got around to celebrating Winterfest during their rotation.

After a bit of gift exchanging I pulled out the party food, and had Luna call everyone to grab a plate.

Honestly, this party went so much better than I was expecting? I was concerned that since Luna and Will were just visiting I wouldn't be able to corral the guests quite as effectively, but everyone was very happy to hang out in the living room together.

It actually ended up being one of the best parties I've ever thrown! It was super cute seeing them all eat breakfast together as a 'family' on Winterfest morning. :)


After the party came to an end, Will and Luna returned home to finish up their homework for the term.

They don't have a fireplace, but Father Winter paid them a small visit anyways, and Will got a present from him, because I like to think he's a child at heart.

They closed out the term with another round of straight A's. Good job, nerds!

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