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Rotation 5: DiCarlo

Moving on to my vampires household, featuring an iconic fashion ~look~ from Lilith. I’m switching to ‘DiCarlo’ for my family tag, because I’ve got some... plans in store for my vamps.

(I'll be going back and adding both family tags to their posts on blogger, but from rotation 6 and onward it'll just be tagged under DiCarlo.)

Isobel and Caleb got married at the start of the rotation, with a low key wedding ceremony at the maze place in Windenburg.

Carlotta and Lilith sort of cooperated, and by sort of I mean they stood still long enough for me to get one picture, and then immediately whipped out their phones during the vows. At least that’s in character for Carlotta?

Caleb made a wish for good luck at the end, something I only just discovered you could do! I’d assumed the fountains were purely decorative.

With the wedding out of the way, it’s time for a vampire baby!

I have a mod in that allows for ghost pregnancy, and while it still works with the up-to-date game, I did have to temporarily remove MCCC to get the pregnancy test option to show up.

Now, the baby won’t actually be a ghost, but my plans were just for them to have a normal vampire baby, anyways.

Speaking of babies... Carlotta heard that Alec Winchester’s got some new alien babies, and decided to one up him by also getting herself abducted. Autonomously. Without any interfering from MCCC needed.

Unlike Jeff, she didn’t return with a new baby-to-be, but that’s because Carlotta is just too glam for pregnancy. She’ll just steal someone else’s baby if she wants one, okay.

Carlotta also paid a visit to “Alec”‘s restaurant for a review this rotation, although he’s still too poor to afford it so it’s not as entertaining as if he were actually there running the place.

I think she gets her meals comped when she orders them for a review, which is entertaining because they have more money than they know what to do with, and really don’t need a free meal.
But, again, I have ~plans~ for that. ;)

Carlotta is getting the juiceaholic quirk for sure.

Remember the floating milk glasses from their last rotation? It’s also not uncommon for them to have about three drinks sitting on their bar most of the time. I think their all-time record is seven.

Caleb got promoted, and was finally able to choose what path he wanted for the fashion career. I went with stylist... and the very first task he assigned was fucking broken.

See, he needed to check in at a park, and when I moused over the task it informed me he needed to see what the latest trend in athletic wear was? Nobody was at the park, so I sent him to the gym because there would definitely be some sims in athletic wear there.

Sure enough, Jeff rolled up in some tiny red shorts, as part of a bros work out club I recently made for him.

He changed into his gym clothes to start his workout (I don’t know why the club uniform doesn’t override those), and Caleb snapped a picture. Nothing. I ran through all the stylist interaction with Jeff, and nothing would fulfill my requirement.

I sent Caleb back to the park to see if it was actually tied to the location. Talked to some townies, still nothing. Checked his phone to see if there was an option to check in, still nothing. It began to rain, Caleb became to cry, and for once I sympathized with him.

Poor boy. He tried his best, EA/Maxis just suck at making sure their game features actually work. :P

Luckily, Caleb and Isobel’s little vampire baby was born without any issues.

They had a little boy named Jasper (after the mineral, not the Twilight vampire.)

I aged Jasper up pretty quickly; I was excited to see whether he’d turn out to be a vampire or not. Apparently you don’t learn that in-game until they become a teen and get the special vampire plumbob, but you can also just go in CAS and see the vampire icon there...

Anyways, I gave him the inquisitive trait, which means he makes adorable little thinking faces and likes to go around and see what things are.

Caleb, despite being an idiot most of the time, is a pretty good dad. Most of the other vampires didn’t contribute much when it came to taking care of Jasper, despite the fact that I had both Carlotta and Isobel adopt him as a dependant.

I gave Jasper a toy castle to play with out in the hallway, because it was super empty and he didn’t have a ton of room in his nursery.

It did not take long for Carlotta to find the castle, smash it, and then turn into a bat in an attempt to escape without being noticed.

Jasper eventually tracked her down and asked her to repair it, and she begrudgingly did so (and then smashed it again a few hours later.)

Carlotta and Jasper are not off to a great start. Seeing how they get along when he’s a child/teen will be interesting; they might have a chance if she’d just stop upsetting him by smashing his toy castle.

Jasper, to be fair, also likes to wander into Carlotta’s bedroom and rummage through her closet.

(Also I don’t know what she has a remote for, considering they don’t own a tv, or even a radio, but it’s probably best not to ask that question.)

Isobel and Caleb celebrated Love Day with a bit of flirting, while Carlotta and Lilith smooched over an unconscious sim that Carlotta had just drained.

There are two kinds of couples.

Carlotta almost celebrated Love Day by torching Jeff and Alec's relationship. See, I saw this option to forge a break up letter when Isobel was sending off one of her books, and I thought 'hmm, well I'll save and see what happens if she tries fucking with Alec.'

I thought since Jeff & Alec had a high relationship, a good marriage, and some kids, the worst that would happen was they'd fight and maybe lose some relationship points.

That was not what happened.

I checked the relationship panel as I played a bit more, and was pleased to see that they still had each other listed as spouses. That was a good sign! I then popped over to their house to see if they maybe had a moodlet about it, or a lower score with each other. Things were fine for about five minutes, and then I noticed they both had new, sad moodlets saying they were getting divorced. Fucking shit.

Thankfully I was able to jump back to a restore point without losing any important progress, since I was actually smart enough to save before royally fucking myself over.

(I apologize for not having a lot of pictures to accompany this bit of shenanigans, but I was a lil busy panicking over breaking up my favourite couple with my own idiocy, and sending a lot of 'haha fuck' messages over on the Boolprop discord.)

Once I picked up where I left off, Isobel finished her aspiration, meaning she's now able to write a book of life!

Origin did a sale on expansion packs right after I finished their rotation (of course), so I ended up hopping back on for an extra day to put my ~plans~ into motion.

Caleb, in true Caleb fashion, was trapped behind a chair when I loaded their lot up. Also crying, but that’s because he has the eternal sadness weakness, not because he was trapped behind a chair like an idiot.

Lilith was also sporting another iconic fashion ~look~, which is about 50 times more preferable than loading up the lot to find her trapped behind a chair.

I gave Lilith a new look, courtesy of Get Famous, and also some leather pants that I found and needed to give someone.

Also also, some new hair, because the sort bangs one was kinda hard to pair with other hairs for different outfits.

Lilith quit her job in the detective career, because I was getting tired of solving ‘cases’ where it would send me off to catch the suspect, except the game would only load lilith and my suspect so it was very easy to catch them.

(I think I’d be better off playing it with a Carlotta-like detective, where they’re also a terrible person and I can fuck around on the job and make my own mischief.)

Anyways, I want to try having her become famous in a regular career, and since she has the active trait (and Jeff did the bodybuilding route) I think I’m going to have her become a professional athlete.

As for Caleb and Isobel, well...

I came to the decision at the (original) end of this rotation that I just had too many vampires. It was a whole thing for a few days; I waffled over the decision over on the Boolprop discord, and then once I bought Get Famous I managed to come up with a plan.

First, I had Isobel write a book of life, and bound it to Caleb. This was my ‘oops’ button, so that if I regretted my decision it wouldn’t be too hard to undo. >
Then, Caleb had a very unfortunate meeting with some lighting.

This drew a lot of on-lookers, including Jess, who all began to cry as the Grim Reaper appeared despite having 0 relationship of any kind of Caleb.

Unfortunately Caleb did not have any enemies to come clap over his corpse like Carlotta did to Alec.

Anyways, it did not end well for him, but he now lives in a fancy bat vase so that is pretty cool! Additionally, he will also live on a fancy end table in Carlotta’s fancy new apartment uptown.

I did not kill off Isobel, mostly because she is a ghost and I don’t think she can be killed. I ended up sending her back to Forgotten Hollow, because apparently you can write multiple books of life and I may need another book or 5.

I don’t plan on playing her, but I’m hoping if I give some households the haunted trait she’ll still pop up from time to time.

Carlotta’s sticking with her critic career for now, and I’m going to see if I can have her become infamous through it. I swapped her kleptomaniac trait for self-absorbed, and kept her evil/snobby ones.

They’re still extremely wealthy, the apartment only cost 130k and they easily had another 150k leftover, so I chucked 75k in the new vault, and hopefully the rent + bills will slowly drain her account.

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