Sunday, March 3, 2019

Rotation 4: Rudolf

Felix joins the line up this rotation, partly because I felt bad for him, and partly because I needed to flesh out a bit more of a character for him.

I love the living room I gave him, even though it’s 100% Cole’s style and not at all Felix. It’ll be good once they actually live together, okay. The important thing is that it no longer looks like Alec and Jeff’s old living room (and that he has actual furniture, as opposed to an empty apartment.)

I can’t remember if I ever posted his traits, but he has perfectionist, erratic, and unflirty, and I’ve since switched his aspiration from the prank one to Good Vampire.

He needs to be good if he’s gonna be in the gay agenda, under Alec’s watch. Plus, he’s way too poor to join Carlotta’s crew.

He was so poor, in fact, that I quckly realized he was not going to be able to afford plasma packs, and I ended up selling some kitchen counters so he could afford a violin.

My plan was to have him use it to busk for money, but apparently you have to actually be skilled to unlock that option. So, I just had him practice at 4am in preparation.

Jeff was not pleased about the 4am violin concert, and came over to complain.

What goes around comes around, bro.

Once he hit level four of the violin skill, I sent him out to busk on the streets.

He barely received a look from passersby, let alone money. Even Hanna ignored him!

He was starting to get hungry, so I sent him over to Cole and Liv’s apartment. Cole let him drink some plasma, and then Felix hung around to paint a picture, and order some plasma packs off their computer.

The unflirty romance options are entertaining. I wish romantic sims had theirs reworded to be super suave, in comparison.

I used MCCC to reset Felix’s skills, as he had a couple built up from being a gallery sim, but he quickly rebuilt his painting skill this rotation.

He was eventually able to afford his own computer, and a couple more plasma packs. (Which did not last him very long.)

Still in need of more money, I had Felix join the medical career. It seemed fitting for a perfectionist, and it’s the only GTW career I have yet to play. 

Jeff actually has the audacity to roll his eyes at Felix when he gets chewed out for being a noisy bitch a few nights later.

Cole invites Felix out on a date, and they head to Windenburg to play a few games.

I should see if I can fit a Llama table in someone’s apartment, so they can have some actual game nights.

Felix spent his Winterfest decorating, and then Liv came over to keep him company for a bit.

I’ve been working on their friendship this rotation, because Felix needs a lot of plasma, and Cole’s not always up for letting him have a drink.

What a festive buttplug. Thanks, EA.

Cole spent the rest of night with Felix after Liv went home.

Of course, Felix still doesn’t have an actual bed, so he ended up taking a nap on the couch.

Felix happened upon an... interesting noise situation this rotation.

Liv seems to have some sort of sexy maid kink, Cole happened to walk out of the apartment at the wrong time, and I’m sure Alec’s just happy he’s not the one getting called out for being a noisy bitch this time.

Cole whipped out his guitar after the incident, possibly to create a distraction.

I’m just going to get these out of the way now; not only does Liv answer the door in her maid costume again...

...but Cole also joins in with some (solo?) action.

I know could just leave all these noise complaints out of the updates, but I feel like it’s important to note just how noisy all these idiots are. Perhaps I should just compile them all in one section at the end of updates...

Felix is occasionally prone to disappearing outside for short periods of time. Normally I’m too distracted by visiting neighbours to notice, but this time I checked up on him, and discovered him making some snow angels on the sidewalk.

He’s far too wholesome to be hanging out with Carlotta; making him a good vampire was a good choice.

Felix got the free food holiday this rotation, and Cole invited him out for dinner without me having to set up anything!

I really need to get around to making my own restaurant that actually caters to vampires sometime; poor Felix was stuck with water while Cole got actual food and a nice drink.

Cole later invited Felix to go workout this rotation... in Oasis Springs, as opposed to the city living gym that I had just recently made over in my game.

While Felix feebly attempted to box, I spotted Dina, Carlotta, and Andy checking out Bella Goth on the treadmill, and it gave me flashbacks to every time I ever told myself ‘it’s not gay to look at other girls’ in gym class.

Felix’s rotation ends with very little progress in his career, thanks to the 2 holidays and his scheduled time off preventing him from going to work most days.

He made a shit ton of progress on his painting skill, and managed to paint three masterpieces? Cole has yet to paint a single one and I’ve already played him twice as long as Felix.

I think I’m going to move Cole in at some point during his next rotation, maybe towards the end.

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