Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rotation 4: Mortis

Onto the Mortis household! I’ve decided I need to give sad boi Felix some love, so he will actually be the last household in this rotation.

I discovered at the start of this round that Liv has the ability to go on nature walks, which are fantastic when she gets tense from not going outdoors often enough.

Cole took his sad boyfriend out on a date, which seemed to cheer him up for a bit. I’m not sure why Felix is so much better at skating than Cole is, but seeing as he’s got a wintery sort of vibe I guess it’s fitting.

Zoe also invited Liv out, and they ended up going for a late dinner at (what’s supposed to be) Alec’s restaurant.

Would have been nice if the game had set them up indoors, but hey, that’s why I play with temperature effects off. ;)

Felix also invited Cole to spend some time at his apartment, which I have been slowly decorating for when Cole eventually moves in.

(Again, I kinda wish I’d let Jeff and Alec live apart a little longer; I would’ve liked to see if they invited each other on as many dates as these guys like to go on.)

I added some extra chairs to their kitchen (finally), and Jeff decided that meant it was okay to sit down and help himself to some food.

He stole two grilled cheese sandwiches, which he apparently did not enjoy, but ate anyways.

This is my favourite in-game painting.

Hey Jeff. Buddy. Maybe your neighbours would not yell at you if you didn’t insist on loudly woohooing every few days?

I think their bedroom actually shares a wall with Cole’s bedroom, which makes it even worse when this scenario happens, haha.

Lacie has also been adding to the noise since moving her into the building. She's nowhere near as bad as Jeff and Alec at the moment, but I'm sure she'll up her game very quickly.

Liv and Cole also had an extremely low-key Winterfest, but more so because Liv’s gluttonous & outgoing traits make her really easy to please when it comes to Winter/Harvestfest. Eat some good food, share some spirit, and she’s happy.

I did remember to make a tofurkey this time so Cole wouldn’t get sick (although he keeps pulling out leftovers from their last grand feast to eat, so he’s managed to get sick a few times regardless.

I’m not sure how the game determines presents, but Liv and Cole both got the best presents of my whole Paraneighbours bunch. Liv’s was something that sold for a lot of money, while Cole got a tablet.

I decided to have Cole pick up the guitar skill, as I don’t really have any other Paraneighbours with a musical hobby, other than Isobel and her organ.

Acoustic guitar seems like something a romantic would play. I’ll have to give him the sticker-covered one from Outdoor Retreat eventually.

I’m starting to put my sims in a few more clubs, because they’re in need of friends that aren’t Jeff, or their partners.

I had Liv join the Garden Gnomes, talk up Moira, and then steal the leadership from her so that I could set the club options without having to switch lots.

I was wondering when the gluttonous trait was going to kick in.

You tell those noisy boys, Liv.

I sent Liv and Zoe off to the spa, so that they could pick up the Wellness skill. (I later realized I could have just bought the yoga mat and achieved the same thing, but this was more fun.)

Liv also got a little massage after, since they had some cash to spare.

Also, Nancy Landgraab doing yoga in socks and sunglasses is iconic.

After, I bought Liv and Cole a yoga mat so they could both work on the wellness skill at home. I wanted to stick it on their balcony, but there just was not enough room with all of Liv’s plants.

Speaking of, I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with Liv and Cole. I think having the two of them, their partners, and any future kids on one lot might be too many sims, but I like the sibling dynamic of them living together.

I think whatever happens, I might have to have Liv steal the vampire’s lot as planned, because there is just not enough garden space on this balcony, and having more room would give Liv so many more things to do. (Like beekeeping!)

I threw another New Year’s Eve party for Liv and Cole, this time with just their partners rather than the whole Gay Agenda gang.

I also had them set up a cheese fountain, because I never use this thing, and these two seemed like the perfect sims for it. (And while everyone but Felix helped themselves to it, Liv in particular loved it.)

Their party ended with some power problems, which luckily held off until after midnight, because it would have sucked to have a power outage ruin the countdown tradition at the last second. :P

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